Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Eaton Center

So, Stephanie wrote about our Boxing Day adventure.

Here's the link:

Here is the Eaton Center when it was crowded..! Every shop had about 100 people in them!

And Yorkdale Mall with the showy lights before it closed...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

An Old Recording

This song, we recorded at my house in February 2006. It's got Hermano, Michael, me, and Liam respectively. We were the Imminent Shadows (or Eminent Shadows).

Hermano & me

Michael & Liam

It's an important song to me because it's got my best buds on it and I think it's a great track. It's probably my favorite track that I ever recorded. I remember we wrote to it the day we decided to record it. We all just sat there writing to the beat. Eddy was there too, actually. He's not a writer nor part of our crew though, so he didn't do anything but give moral support. He just sat there, hanging out in the living room with us. I remember Liam almost didn't record his part because he was too shy and my parents just walked into the house. And I think he had to leave for Australia that month, so that was one of the main reasons we wanted to record it all on the spot. I haven't seen him since.
Anyway, I thought I'd post it up because I just listened to it again today and found it inspiring just hearing my friends' voices on it. This is a "Jack in the Box" to me. Everytime I give it a listen, it jumps out and gives me this spine-tingling sensation.

The intro is a random recording of me, Michael and Liam talking near the computer. You can't really hear Liam though.
And the ending, where Hermano says, "Shout outs to all the MCs in Mars", he is referring to our friend, Ruy, who talks with a terrible lisp.

Chinese Restaurant

On Thursday night, me and Stephanie went into this Chinese restaurant after walking for about an hour with empty stomachs. We walked into some fast food places that said they didn't have any food! How messed up is that?

Anyway, so we walked into this Chinese restaurant and each ordered this meal that had fried rice, noodles, chicken balls, and an egg roll. So we sat there and ate.

[The owner of the restaurant walks by, with her little Chinese daughter getting a piggyback.]

Kevin: Aww. I want a piggyback ride. [starts giggling]
Stephanie: Hahaha.
Kevin: Hahahaha I'm imagining me on her back.
Stephanie: Oh no!
Kevin: [bursts out laughing hysterically] It's too funny!

[Stephanie tries to eat but Kevin keeps laughing like a madman]

Kevin: [tries to catch his breath] Oh damn. I need to sleep. I've been awake for like 24 hours.


Stephanie: Try the egg roll.
Kevin: This is an egg roll?
Stephanie: Yeah!
Kevin: [takes a bite of the egg roll] Uhh...where's the egg?
Stephanie: I don't know. It's only got vegetables!
Kevin: Mine too.
Stephanie: I don't think it's an egg roll.
Kevin: [gasps] They cheated us!!
Stephanie: They did.
Kevin: Now they have to pay us back! [starts laughing again in-between words] With...a...piggyback...ride...HOME!! HAHAHAHA
Stephanie: Oh no..
Kevin: [still giggling] Imagine...they have to...take us home like guy for each of we can ride on their backs...and..they take us...home..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Timey

Yeah.. it's Christmas. it's 4:18AM right now...and I'm...Home Alone.
What am I doing for Christmas? Nothing. Just sit in my room all day watching movies and eating food. Which makes me wonder what movies I'm going to watch...
Anyway...I'd call everyone I care about, but...that's too expensive...
Wish I was with people that matter on Christmas...I'm really missing everybody. Especially at times like this. This is my 2nd lonely Christmas in a row, man!
Damn. Oh well...

I love yous and Christmas hugs to these people (even if you don't read this):

Mich - wish you were here, lovey
Carla - take care of Mom
Martin - stay on the surface
Mom - I love you
Dad - you're an awesome nephew
Mama Lols - I miss you
Lola Meding - glad you're happy with Dad

Aunts & Uncles:
Tito Ian

Tita Sharon
Auntie Gina - I'm waiting for my box of goodies
Uncle Ed
Uncle Dondi
Uncle Jong
Auntie Cyn
Uncle Willy
Auntie Tate & Reggie - have a good wedding!

Cousins I know:

Nick Wilson
Pamela Faye

Ceri - hope you're having fun in Spain
Stephanie - thanks for being a cool bud
Tim - miss you man
Andrew G
Michael F - you're an awesome friend

Romeo Celiz
Alding Celiz
George Regino

Jah bless.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Finally got myself some sleep.

It's weird now that school's's like I feel so bored. Almost as if school gave me more things to do in my time...when really all I had to do was write scripts. Here's the usual formula:

classes + homework + own time (fun little random things + movies) = everyday

Now...take away homework. It's weird. I'm starting to think that the realization of having homework to do made me steer away from homework and find much more interesting things to do. I guess fun stuff wouldn't be as fun without the things next to it that are completely unfun.

For the record...I finished my script at 10:30 am today. That was 12 hours of writing! I was so happy to get it done and handed in. I was so delirious and red-eyed after everything. Oh and my teacher told me today that I'm a talented writer.. And then we were discussing what I wanted to get into with film and I told her about the documentary I worked on and the one I want to do. She said I should do it and something about getting funding for it. It was nice because I wasn't the most punctual person in class and I've had homework turned in late... But yes. She was cool and she gave me and the others a lot of tips and insight as to how to be a "writer". WORD.

ANYWAY. I'm home alone now. I have been for two days now. All the way until maybe January 4. That's when Ayden is coming back I think...and probably Ed, who's going to Columbia College in January. So yes, we're going to need a new room mate and I think we've already found one who's going to my school. Ed has a bathroom in his room so I think I'm going to move there when he leaves. Yes, I'm going to move his bathroom.. imagine that.

I feel so lonely. I miss everybody...not my roommates, but people that matter and make things better somehow, just being able to talk to them and [be with them].

Word. What an awesome holiday this will be.

I bought new pants today! That made me happy. They're black and comfortable and sweeet cargo pants! I haven't had pants exactly like this since 7th grade! Not of this fabric anyway. AHH I'm going to wear them everyday for 2 months XD my pants prior to these. haha


Friday, December 21, 2007

Suffering Succotash!

Yes. Sylvester the cat's famous words. It's been in my head since yesterday for some strange reason..

I am currently writing the last act of my whole movie script which is due in about 8 hours. I am not going to sleep until I finish it and hand it in. Tomorrow's the last day of school.

Dammit. I am pushing 11 pages and I need about 20 more. To stay up, I've been drinking coffee that I bought at Coffee Time...and eating 2 beef paddies...and a rice krispie marshmallow square.

You should know that I want to sleep. I did not sleep last night. I went to school without sleeping and slept when I came home. I slept for about 5 hours until 9:00 and woke up (computer alarm clock is very convenient. It plays MP3s. Very cool. You can wake up to your favorite songs.) just to write my script. I wrote 12 hours straight on Monday and Tuesday just to finish my 2nd act. It was a killer. Our teacher expected us to finish our whole movie script in a month. Caga la. What movie writer does that? Porra. E uma merda.

Anyway, I go back to work now. I slave myself.


Saturday, December 08, 2007


The new Wu-Tang album coming out on the 11th of December!

4 DAYS!!

Think I'll sport my Wu-Tang shirt when I buy it.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Ahh's been a week since I left Colorado. So sad. I had an awesome awesome, sweet, great, wonderful, fun, lovely, amazing time with Mich. Sucks to leave the things you've gotten so used to and really really love...

On a lighter note, she just bought her tickets to come see me in March! On the 12th!! Should be reaaaaaaaaally sweet! It'll be her Spring Break. I can't wait!! Just 100 days left til she gets here! I finished the 1st act of my feature. 2nd act is due in two weeks. So much to write...but I can do it. Not putting it off til the last minute anymore. I should be alright.

It snowed last night (refer to this video. Ed actually showed up at the balcony when I thought he was sleeping and he scared me XD so I swore and'll see).

That was the first major snowfall of the season. I think we got about 10 - 15 cm of snow. It's yucky outside. We have the perfect snow in our balcony though. There's quite a bit out there. I'll take a picture tomorrow. It's perfect for snowballs [and enough for making a midget snowman]. We tried it this afternoon. We were making snowballs and Ayden was aiming for the apartment sign and almost hit it...and then I tried..and I almost hit a guy who was coming out of the building XD I had to stop, though it was too fun.


Monday, November 05, 2007

As Requested

On Point lyrics

Indestructible I'm on the mic like Zack
attackin front lines harder than a wolf pack
Time to breathe time to see into ya mind
Intertwined with the words that be defined

By all means, the scene's beneath the surface
Deeper than roots, or else the pen's worthless
No purpose, track my lyrical state
Raidin' the gates, checkmate, it be ya fate

No said date like the masta releasin
Killa bee kicks and hits, that be increasin
The reason, to generate and elevate
like Style Wars, on freights, and dig crates

Heart rate, increase, building a beast
Lay it all down like a worldwide feast
Seizing and marking the spots for the century
Blocks, lock, dodgin the cops rockin the glocks,


[Automatic, shock, static, hold ground
Who be the baddest, the maddest in the underground?]

Wreckin and checkin, keep six, behind bricks
Heat seeking, fame reaping, with no cliques
Under the sun, and deep within the shadows,
Eminent yet camouflaged, runnin a battle

Ninja stance, I fire up the mic like Mike,
And freeze 20 speakers that stand on site
Willing to write, I'm in the bleachers at night
at 817, blind ya sight like daylight

Sunday, November 04, 2007

On Point

My first solo track recorded in Maputo, Mozambique on September 9, 2007.
This was originally recorded in my room here in T-Dot as a short demo early in the year because I was having problems with the lyrics.
Took me a while to put it up cause...maybe it's not all that great haha. Sometimes I don't know what I get up to.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Ted's Backpack of Mystical Doom

this is our project!! it's finally up. enjoy and tell me what you think!

oh and the teacher's "workbook" is mine hehe

Thursday, November 01, 2007

School News

Well...we were watching our final projects for the term today. My group's was shown last. Out of the 6 projects, I really liked 2 (including ours), just because of how creative and artistic it was done. The others were good, humor-wise.
I don't know how many of the projects will go up on youtube, but I'll post up our project once it's up on there. Hopefully Tony (who directed, produced, and edited the project) puts it up soon.
Anyway, people liked my camera work. Good hand-held shots. I got good comments about that, which made me happy. It's just nice to know that someone appreciates what you do, you know? And Tony said that he was very happy with his group. Said we should do more stuff together...


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Craziest TTC Bus Ride

[This blog post contains mature language]

So it was raining after school today. I ran to the convenience store to get a phone card. I was soaked. The Chinese fella who owns the store was even laughing. He's cool though. He's missing half a finger (which is a face that Tim pointed out to me a few months ago). Then I waited for the 32 bus at the bus stop, since I didn't wanna walk home in the rain. I had student tickets anyway. Lots of kids were on the bus. Mainly high schoolers and some dude with a baby and his chick who had a sore tooth or something (she was holding a cloth to her cheek).
When we got to the Eglinton & Avenue intersection, the bus stopped to pick up more kids, and we all heard the lady shouting at someone, "GET OFF THE BUS! GET OFF THE BUS!". I chuckled. Poor kid, whoever got shouted at.
Then we moved along on a joyful ride. When we got to Eglinton & Chaplin (the stop just before mine), the bus turned RIGHT. Now, usually, you'd expect the bus to keep going straight, so we were all wondering what was going on, and people were complaining. Some of them sounded like they were getting off at my stop too. So the toothache girl was like, "Stop the bus so people can get off!". But the driver lady wasn't listening. People were freaking out. Most of us even got up thinking she'd stop soon so we can get off, but NADA. She kept going. I was cool though, because...well...because I'm just cool like that.
Then she turned a few roads left. We all heard that she's taking a detour for some reason. Lots of people were yelling for her to stop, and making fun of her. "LET US OFF! OPEN THE DOOR!" Some girls I was sitting with were joking, "We're being kidnapped!" and "We should sing a song. The wheels on the bus go round and round..." I found that funny XD Then the guy with a kid was trying to shout at the driver, though she couldn't hear him because we were in the back. "Stop bitch, so we can get off!" Then one of the dudes sitting in the back with us, woke up. He was a tired-looking Asian with a baseball cap. And this one guy was trying to get his attention to tell him that we're taking a detour. I think the sleepy Asian guy was confused. He didn't really say anything. I chuckled XD
Then we turned left on Bathurst Street. Bathurst intersects Eglinton, so we knew we were going west again once we hit Eglinton. Then the driver was complaining, "Please calm down, I can't drive when you're making noise." And right then, people made a lot of noise to irritate her. XD that was funny. When we hit Eglinton, we saw a police car blocking the lane going east.
Most of us got off when the bus stopped right on Eglinton. One of the last things I heard when I got off was, "12-year-olds shouldn't be allowed on the bus anymore." Whoever said that looked 13.
So I got off, and I turned around to look at how many people got off, and I heard this guy saying, "Watch it, stupid nigger." And this black chick was behind me, repulsed. I was like, "What the hell? What was that about?" and she was like, "I have no idea. I can't wait to get home and tell my mother what just happened. First, a crazy bus ride, then this dude. I just KNOW he wasn't talking about me." and I was like, "I know he wasn't talking about ME!" and then this white dude came walking next to us. "You should call and complain to the TTC. You can do that. What happened?" and she told him, " Well, some guy just called ME and my HOMEBOY here, a nigger."
Yes, I think that was the first time I'd ever heard someone being so openly racist to someone. It's crazy.
Anyway, it went something like that. Then we all walked towards our humble abodes. On my way home, a lady standing on the sidewalk told us that a bus driver had fallen asleep on the wheel and had hit a post, about 45 minutes ago. I saw the TTC bus whose front was wrecked, and the lamp post it hit. There were cops and firefighters on the scene, people watching, and others taking pictures. I decided to take a few with my phone. When I walked by, I asked a firefighter if the bus driver really fell asleep on the wheel and he said that they were still trying to figure out what happened. I wondered if that lady was just talking XD

So yeah, that was my crazy day, shared with high schoolers, crazy yelling people, bus drivers and racists.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beatles + Wu-tang

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - George Harrison

The Heart Gently Weeps - Wu-tang Clan ft. John Frusciante, Dhani Harrison & Erykah Badu

...In a historic collaboration, Dhani Harrison, son of George, through his friendship with the RZA, played guitar on the song and he himself helped secure the REUSE LICENSE. Also appearing on the song are John Frusciante, guitar player for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Erykah Badu singing the chorus. It will be the first single and video from the forthcoming album '8 Diagrams' in stores December 4.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Deftones Have A Blog!

Chi, Frank, Chino, Abe & Stephen

So I was taking a break from writing/being bored and I thought I'd check up on the 'tones and this is what I found.

Yes! The Deftones have a blog. It's called "Deftones In Studio"!!

Chi's post is funny XD definitely putting them in my list of links.

(picture updated 7:48pm)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Words and Stuff

So today, Stephanie and I went to watch Into The Wild. First we went and got food at Subway, then we went to the theater, smuggling all the food and drinks, and Stephanie grabbed an Into The Wild poster.
It was a good movie. I liked the story (based on a true story). It was pretty captivating. There were funny parts too which was good. And Emile Hirsch was naked in one shot. *nudge nudge, Steph* then at the end I got teary. Because it's so sad... ='( but then I started chuckling because I saw a woman in front of me wiping her eyes solemnly. And my chuckling made Stephanie laugh. I really didn't mean to ruin that moment XD but I quickly went back to being teary again because I am considerate and I have feelings and it was sad.
Anyway, then on our way out of the theater, I grabbed a poster too. While we were walking, we were bummed out that we didn't bring our cameras because we passed by these interesting-looking places (not to mention 'weird people') and we felt the urge to take pictures.

Stephanie: Look at that! You should've brought your camera!
Kevin: Yeah! I should've brought it! Why didn't I bring it? AHH! You should have brought yours too! And it's smaller.
Stephanie: I know..! But I forgot..

I don't know why, probably because we're crazy artistic film students who like cameras and we like documenting things. We are so cool. We really are. So then we caught the subway to Yonge and Eglinton and Stephanie had to buy "rope and eyeliner". Yes. Hmm. But then we only found eyeliner. And in the shop I was smelling these ADIDAS perfumes (one was for women, I didn't know until I saw it was pink and said 'Women'). They smelled pretty good. I can still smell a bit of it on the back of my hand. I smell sexy.
Then we went outside and it was pretty hot. And ever since we got out of the movie, we kept having these moments where we'd say, "Let's go to Alaska..."

Kevin: Where should we go?
Stephanie: We should go to Alaska.

Nope, we decided to go to Eglinton Park. On the way there, a yellow ladybug landed on Stephanie's shoulder and she freaked out. I thought that was funny. Yes, I laughed. I laughed a lot. XD
But then we thought of getting food but we didn't get food because we carried no cash and just walked around this one block where there were lots and lots and lots of fallen leaves. (Yes, I realize that was a run-on sentence XD) The leaves were crunchy so it was fun to walk in them. We felt like raking peoples' yards, and thought it would make good money haha. And piling up the leaves would make it fun to jump in them.
Most of the houses we passed by had pumpkins outside their porch too. And we saw a greyish/brown squirrel which was crazy because almost all the squirrels here are black. Being a squirrel must be cool. Imagine all the crazy photos you can take if you were a squirrel. You can like, go really high up in a tree and take pictures of humans who are way down below! And you can take pictures of your squirrel friends too. Like expressive portraits! Be really up close to them - something humans can't do otherwise!
Then we stopped being squirrels, and finally arrived at Eglinton Park, where we saw this underground forest. Yes, an underground forest. It's a mystery. It's about 20 feet below the ground.
Yup, then we went and crossed the children's playground to the field where these guys were playing soccer. We sat on a lunch table and thought we'd supported the 'yellow team' because they had more black people. We like black people. But the teams really sucked. And we couldn't figure out what language the black guys were speaking.

Stephanie: What language is that? Zimbabwean?
Kevin: I don't know. *tries to make it out* ...Is it French?
Stephanie: HAHA no!?
Kevin: For real? I don't know...
Stephanie: Come on..! You should know these things!

Then we just sat there and talked about random things (like Into The Wild and places we've been to) and made fun of the soccer players. And at one point, Stephanie pulled out her rolled up poster of Into The Wild, out of her bag and it was smushed. It was alright though. And we had a discussion about who was better: Kanye West or 50 Cent, and who sold the most records. Bye-bye 50. But we liked 50 because of his song with Justin Timberlake, Ayo Technology. Stephanie had it on her iPod so we listened to it (and it got stuck in my head until now). Then the battery died. I'm not sure if that was a good or bad thing... Oh and we tried to remember Dustin Hoffman's name because he's in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. And Stephanie said I should watch it. We went through movies he's in and the whole alphabet to remember what letter his name started with.

Stephanie: He's in 'Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium'!
Kevin: HAHA yeah I know who you're talking about.
Stephanie: And 'Meet the Fockers'.
Kevin: Yeah! He's so old now...
Stephanie: I know. What other movies is he in?
Kevin: Ishtar? And...ahh we just watched a movie with him in it in class!
Stephanie: He's in 'Rain Man'! With Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise and...hmm..
Kevin: Oh yeah! That's the movie we watched in class. Tom Cruise and...
Stephanie: OH! Wait, I had it..
Kevin: HAHA that sucks. Thanks, now this is gonna bother me the rest of the day.
Stephanie: AHH what's his name??


Kevin: Hmm...I think it starts with an 'S'. Sean? Umm..
Stephanie: Cedric?
Kevin: That's a 'C'. HAHA
Stephanie: Oh yeah, it is a 'C'... I think it starts with a 'B'...

Took us a while until Stephanie got it. Dustin Hoffman!

Then we had about 45 minutes to spare until Stephanie had to go to work-o. So we walked, choosing a random block, and Stephanie was holding her poster and accidentally bumped it into a pole which made it worse. Then we stopped by RBC bank so Steph could get cash, then we went to Tim Horton's and she bought us both Iced Caps because...I don't know, because she is nice and it was hot out? (Why are you so nice, S-dub? Thanks. I so owe you.) So then we just sat in Tim Horton's and talked because it was cool inside. Outside was hot. Inside was nice.

Then Stephanie went to work and I went home. Cool day yo!

Now I shall face yet another week of school. I have a writeup to do for scriptwriting class and Google Talk just notified me that I got an email confirmation from my teacher to do it on Amelie. Sweet. I think she's an interesting hero/protagonist in the movie so I thought it would make it a fun and somewhat easy essay to work on. Let's see what my teacher said..

Hey Kevin,

Yes, that is fine. Amelie is a very good film. Not a problem at all.

All the best,


Cool. The assignment's due Friday, so don't forget to wish me luck if you're gonna post a comment. actually reminds me of the essay I did last year on Man On Fire, in Film History where I had to...

Choose one contemporary film and discuss how it has been influenced by the cinematic movements we have studied in class (Silent Cinema, Soviet Montage, German Expressionism, Avant-Garde Impressionism, Film Noir, Italian Neorealism, Film Feminist Theory.). Please discuss the formal system and visual style of the film in detail as it relates to those influences.

Ironically, I saw that essay today as I was going through my drawer of pants, where I've kept my binders from last year. The essay I got a 10/10 on. Yes, an A+. Cuz I'm so good. So smart.. But go ahead and wish me luck anyway. I'm really not that full of myself XD

Monday, October 08, 2007

Crunchy Leaves

This is me at Eglinton Park last week.

Hmm it's cold out today..

Friday, October 05, 2007

Random Stuff

-My teacher liked my narrative. He didn't grade it or anything, he just made notes like:

  • I think you are sexy
  • Excellent concept with regards to the graffiti!
  • that is a very visual act and would be very interesting on film
  • I liked that the names of your characters were not conventional
  • your addition of the young Victor and the family life made the first page very interesting
  • your description of the city streets as they walk was very visual
  • I could see the locations you were writing about: very good!!!
  • your sentences and format are very well constructed
  • PRES2's past seems very interesting
  • consider this as your treatment! Good characters => held my interest!!!
Things to consider
  • how sexy I think I might be
  • wasn't entirely sure which article you were referencing => the train tracks?
  • you mentioned that you wish you had more pages to write: next time try to start with your climax and then brainstorm your story afterwards
  • your story seems to peak during act two and then finish
  • it would be good to have a proper conclusion so that we know what happens to ASON & PRES2
  • what are PRES2 and ASON's occupations
  • could PRES2 be from the 3rd article?

-I feel the breath of boredom on the back of my neck.

-I was watching Dexter (not Dexter's Lab) on tv-links and it would always pause for a few seconds or more before resuming again...that was irritating. It must've taken me an hour and a half to finish a 53-minute episode.

-Today I mailed in my application for renewing my student visa. I had to go get my picture taken for it too, which cost me $15. And it cost me $5 to mail it all in. How convenient for a broke ass, hmm?

-I wish I could get a job...I envy anyone who's got one. It's not cool depending on your parents all the time. Whoever made the law that says you can only work and get paid if you have a work permit, sucks. Big hairy balls. Tennis balls.

-Or if only I was attending a uni where I could work on campus and get paid...iono?

-I take pop tarts to school for lunch.

-Knocked Up is definitely the best comedy I've seen this year. Get the DVD, the bonus features are funny hilarious.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


So I know I don't ever post anymore. I'm just so lazy. So here's a big post to make up for it. Please don't think any less of me anymore XD
Anyway, on Saturday, Stephanie and I hung out. We first had lunch at BK then went to Nathan Phillips Square to see if there was anything going on there. We both brought our cameras with us. And since mine is a little bit bigger than her's (she got a new one) she wuz like "I'm so jealous!" XD so silly. And while we were there, we saw some "creepy-looking people" and since Stephanie and her friend are having some kind of competition for taking pictures of weird people (yes they are pros at spotting them), she told me I should too. Yeah! She literally twisted my arm and forced me to take pictures of weird people! Okay, not really. But I concurred XP but I only took pics of this one guy.
Then we walked to Harbourfront. Here are a few pics and videos:

The little pond at Nathan Phillips Square (ice skating rink in the winter).

Yes, the creepy guy.

Like sitting ducks.

Someone's glasses.

Caught in the act.

The Kajama Schooner.


Stephanie, what was in your hand?


Someone's tag is "Yogurt"?

I thought this ad was funny.

Checking where we've been and how big the Waterfront Trail is.

A birdhouse.


Empire Sandy.

A little Asian kid playing around this sign.

Harbourfront Centre.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Made In Maputo

My hip hop joints with my affiliates in Maputo.

1. Live 4 Hip Hop ft 7 Cruzes - Powerful Darts
2. Machines ft 7 Cruzes - Powerful Darts
3. Hand-full-Enemy - Powerful Darts
4. Fame Seeking Shame - Powerful Darts
5. Resurrection - Sector 10
6. Cheats Never Prosper ft Gorro & Fig della Virgem - Spaz

Powerful Darts = Falhas, Maznotic, Spaz
Sector 10 = Deft Specter, Spaz, Proof

Track 1 & 2 produced by Falhas
Track 3 produced by Maznotic & Falhas
Track 4 & 6 produced by Spaz
Track 5 produced by Deeplo

All tracks recorded in Maputo, July - September 2007.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007



AHHH!! stupid piece of crap!

*cries* goodbye, my sweet...

Saturday, September 01, 2007


I have been lazy to write! Taking up most of my time on deviantART and fooling around with my siblings (we were playing with the video camera last night and being silly XD) and whatnot. I know I'm going to regret not writing once I'm back in T-dot.

This is a sporadic post.

I have things to do before I go recording songs...I have plans to record with this one dude from church...and I have to edit that documentary I'm working on...


I somehow got my computer working fast again while I was exporting stuff to the external harddrive to prepare my computer for reformatting. No more glitches when I'm watching youtube or webcamming. So I guess I won't be reformatting my computer after all.


Come November, come!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Been A While

So I know I haven't posted in a long time...been meaning to I'm taking this opportunity to do so.

So...a random list of what I've been up to the past few weeks:

-hanging out with Arif, Michael and Eddy
-going to Michael's house
-going to Arif's house
-riding chapas
-eating dinner at Carlotta's house with Mike and Pedro M.
-teasing Eddy with Michael and laughing hard XD
-recording at my house and having it not work out
-eating lots and getting stuffed (love Mom's food)
-fixing my glasses (yay)

-chatting with her for hours
-reflecting on my sobriety
-getting told I look like a girl with a mustache (Mom)

-working on a documentary for AIDS awareness and filming in Chamanculo and Xikelene
-laughing with my bro and sis
-going through my old rhymes
-making beats
-planning to make an album with Mike and Arif
-recording songs (recorded twice in 2 studios already)
-going to church
-thinking about moving in with Nathan
-thinking about school
-looking for artists/songs to sample
-sleeping lots
-dodging this dude who keeps coming over
Metalfest at Naval and watched my old band perform
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows bit by bit everyday like it's a series (I finally finished it today...It was awesome.)
-listening to music (as always)
-waking up early to talk to her
-waking up early everyday to go and film that documentary
-taking naps
-starting an awesome group [Temple of Darts] and killing it completely
-getting cooking tips from Mom
-finding old school pics on an old site
-remembering the old days
-making space on my computer
-finding out about
-missing her so much
-writing out my txts
-thinking about November
-thinking about December
-spacing out
-watching movies (just watched the
Simpsons movie and it's got its good moments XD didn't mind it one bit)

aaand yeah. I dunno what else..! I'll post again real soon when I think of something to write. I'll try to maintain my blog better from now on ^^


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Friday the 13th



Friday, July 13, 2007

Aching me. I have a stuffy nose and I keep coughing and my body's aching, my neck's aching, my arms....I don't feel good. I could use a massage.
This sucks. My bro says it's because my body's not used to being in Moz and I just got back. "Your white blood cells still have to produce antibodies. You'll feel better in a few days."

Yeah yeah. Heeelp meee...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back In Maputo

So I'm back. Can still hardly believe it. Love it though. Love my mom's food and just being home and taking walks and seeing my friends...

Yesterday I went to the food fair with Gabriel, Paty and Ana around 12:30. It was cool. I met lots of people I hadn't seen since I left. They were cool. Lots of compliments and weird comments about my hair XD a series of-

"Oh I love your hair!"
"I like your hair. It's nice. Ah my favorite Filipino! He's so cute."
"Your hair looks pretty!"
"What happened to your hair man?"
"I thought you were a girl. You look like a girl from the back. I told Martin that Toronto isn't doing your head any good." (note to self: this was Fabiola. kill her.)

and the best was Mahmoud..
"Hey man, what is this? What is this? I thought you were a chick! I had a crush on you! You have to cut it man."

It was funny. Most of the time I just hung out with Paty and Ana (they were always following me and whenever I talked to my friends, I'd supposedly "always get lost" and have to go find them) walking around and sitting by the fish pond at the back and sometimes Jason and Ivan would come around. Gabs and Leila were talking, and Eddy and Hermano and those guys were in their own place somewhere. When I'd join them, we'd remember Mr John's 12th grade English class and imitate the way he talked and remember all the funny things he used to say XD and just laugh and laugh. Ah the good 'ol days.

It was cool. Then sometimes I'd bump into Hanni and Daniela (Carla's friends).

Hanni & Dani: (waving) Hi! Hello!
Kevin: AHH!! What's up! Hellooooo!

Then we'd all walk away really fast XD

So yeah I gotta say that the music was WACK! M.I.S. is such a joke XD but it's cool how they have food fairs. Just the performances they have on-stage is ridiculous. Mr Albert is such a dork MC.
So yeah, then I looked around for Michael but it turned out that he had gone home. Me, Paty and Ana bought boerwors which were pretty good. Walking in the food fair was brutal.
Then some people went to Franco to watch Kaspanatola and some other bands play. Me, Paty and Ana stayed behind because Ana couldnt go and if she went home she had to study. So we hung around for a bit and everytime people said hi to me or I went and said hi to someone, they'd be like "Oh, Mr [Popularity]. And you say you don't know anyone huh?" Haha it wuz funny. I really don't know anyone apart from my friends. It's weird, people just know me like that. Not even just through my brother and sister.

Ana: Those two girls were talking about you.
Kevin: Really? What did they say?
Ana: I don't know, I just heard one of them said they met you once. Do you know them?
Kevin: Damn. Uhmm.. (looks at them) Not really.

[I recognized them as my brother's classmates XD Kinda nice though being talked about. Quite a change from Toronto...]

Then I bought a waffle and the lady gave me HALF A PLATE to put it on! XD then me and my two followers went to Jardim around 5 and just sat under the big tree on a bench. Ngh. I used to sit on that bench with her*. But yeah, it wuz kinda cool. Sad at the same time. Then I tagged the bench XP. Then we walked Ana home (she lives a block away from Jardim) so she could hit the books and me and Paty just walked down Miradoro and I tagged some of the way to Caracol and got worried for a second because I had numerous tags on top of the cement fence.

Kevin: What if this goes on the news?? Like, "..someone has been doing graffiti everywhere.." then they come looking for me or something.
Paty: No, it won't.
Kevin: How do you know?
Paty: Look, this is Mozambique. And before it happens, you would already be gone. They're that slow.
Kevin: Hmmm...OK. That makes me feel better.

I wanna take pics soon. So much to capture and remember (Jardim especially).

Anyway, it's early Sunday morning. Fam needs to go to church at 9.

Ah. the familiarnessness-ness of Maputo.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Well, I'm almost ready to go. Just got out of the shower. Now I just need to run to the bank and change money into $US (I need money for food at the airport(s) and for the $25 visitor's visa I'm buying at the airport in Moz when I get there)...then come home and eat something and pack my carry-on; stuff it with my extra shirt, boxers and socks and my toothbrush and my laptop and my camera somehow...then wake Ed up so he could accompany me on the train ride to Kipling Station. Then I'm taking the 192 bus to Pearson International. It's only $2.75 for the trip, compared to the $40 cab ride! But my suitcase is HEAVY! I think I'll get Ed to lug it around everytime we change trains. XD

Okay. That's all I should probably write. I did not sleep at all last night. I just finished uploading all the videos I needed to put up on youtube.

Here is the video I said I'd put up-

I like this world!

A Railroad Adventure 2

It all started at Andrew's house. Me, Tim and Ed were there. Andrew wasn't home. Stephanie arrived with Andrew a few minutes later.

Andrew's table.

Andrew lives in Little Jamaica.

On the way.

Piggyback rides are fun.

The most ginormous dandelion I've ever seen.

Voyeur vision.

Skunk vision. (Yes, a baby skunk scurried past us on our way back at night.)

Kicking a used spraycan.

Admiring the bridge all the way up.

Something dead and rotten.

I can't believe you're leaving!

It's the jumpoff...Not really.

On a bridge.

Steph's idea for a pic. Silhouettes.

A "hamster cage".

"Oh my God! We traveled a decade back in time!" - Ed

A congregation of some sort.

Ain't that a beauty?

Pretty far.

We were up there before and went back up again since we didn't know how else to get back to Andrew's.

A few minutes after this, we heard a big rustling and heavy movement in the bushes beside us.

Kevin: Holy shit!
Tim: RUN man!

Tim and I bolted (thinking it was two dogs fighting or something) straight past Ed and Andrew who were way ahead of us. Stephanie "moved back" like she wasn't scared at all. Then a quiet black dude came out, and walked past us and disappeared in the darkness. We think him and his friend were only there to scare us.

We'll all be off soon.

After all this, we went back to Andrew's, took a taxi to our apartment and then walked to Jackson's house where he was having a party. That was crazy. Everyone who was already there (Filip, Paul, Nathan, Jason, Jackson, two girls and three white dudes we don't know) were singing along to Coolio's Gangsta Paradise. And the rest of the music was terrible. Filip was rapping and singing all over the place, really loud. He was loco. And so was Nathan.
Anyway, in the midst of all that; while I was on the phone with her*, Jackson went to the club with the two girls and the three white dudes we don't know. And so we were all just there talking, listening to the okay music that was on the iPod and some people were drinking, eating peanuts, and drawing on the paper that Jackson put up on the wall for us to do whatever we wanted on. Then Filip, Nathan and Jason left to catch the subway home. And me, Tim, Ed, Ayden, Andrew and Stephanie were left there, in Jackson's house. That was funny. He said we could do whatever we wanted though. So we were there for a while, talking and eating, and dissing the iPod music (one of the white dudes owned that iPod) until about 2 am. And then we hit up the Coronation. They were closing though. We just stood outside and one of the regulars, this 40-something year old lady was outside, talking to us, obviously drunk. She was funny though. She's something else XD. She was talking LOTS! Andrew even suggested to her that she should be a comedian. And she said Tim has a nice haircut and that she likes my 'outfit' and said something about my 'tattoos' (Stephanie drew all over my arm) and then she was talking to Ed and Andrew. Then she walked over to me and I sort of moved back, with a serious face and she said something like "Oh, are you angry just because I think you're gorgeous?" Weird woman. But I just laughed. Then she was hitting on Andrew, Ayden and Tim a little bit. And whenever someone came out of the Coronation, she'd talk to them and we'd be like "OK let's go!" And she'd come back and say "Hey, I can hear you. You guys are trying to get rid of me!" And I remember we were all walking home and I look back and Tim and Ms Drunken were walking arm in arm! XD
Then we were outside of our apartment, trying to get rid of her. And we walked into the lobby. She was outside, saying goodbye to Andrew. We thought she wanted to kiss him, because she was hugging him and getting really close to him. But she didn't. That would have been hilarious though. XD

Anyway, we all just sat in our apartment and then everyone left. Memorable night.

Ahhh! I wish someone else would write about last night. It's too much to write about. I'm sure I left out lots of details but I'm not really in the mood to write so much. I'm just writing what I can remember and want to remember when I read this again. There are videos of the railroad adventure on youtube though.

Here's the link:

All the clips are on there. There are about 20 of them.

Love/miss you, mrs.****