Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Koolhaus

So, the show at the Koolhaus wuz pretty awesome. It wuz sold out so Tim and I had to buy tickets off this old dude from the street. That wuz expensive. But I guess worth it.

Albert Hammond, Jr. wuz awesome. Him and his 5-piece touring band. They played the best songs on the album too. I just wished it wuz longer...They only played a 30 minute set. That wuz about 7 songs. But really amazing.

The first thing he said to us when he got on stage wuz that he felt good but just needed to take a shit hahaha and then he asked us if we've ever eaten at the buffet boat at the docks that wuz nearby...

and he said... "Don't eat there." XD

Hehe yup. Prolly why he only played a 30 minute set XD

Anyway, Bloc Party wuz pretty great too. They were last and they played the longest! For an hour and a half! It wuz good though. I wuz hoping Albert Hammond, Jr. would play for about that long.

The opening band wuz great too. Sebastien Grainger. I don't think anyone knew who they were though haha. They also played for 30 mins.

And condom balloons kept flying around the entire time...that wuz funny. Bloc Party's singer wuz like "Oh my God. Is that what I think it is? Come on, this is supposed to be a family concert!" haha

And for some reason, I keep thinking "Almond Habbert, Jr." XP I don't know what's wrong with me...

Ahhh...great night, great night ^-^

Monday, March 26, 2007


Hmmm...Quick post. I'm on my way out to go to a concert with Tim.

We're gonna watch Albert Hammond, Jr. and possibly 2 other bands. Can't remember the names right now. Starts at 7pm.

Anyway, it's $38 supposedly. Gonna buy tickets at the gate.

Hope it goes good!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Albert Hammond, Jr

Me likey <3

If you ever come across this album in stores, BUY IT!! It's definitely worth it and will make you really happy. Chances are you're probably gonna love it too.

Anyway, he's the guitarist from the Strokes and he's awesome.

Albert Hammond, Jr. - Yours To Keep

Monday, March 19, 2007

Little "Wonders"

I've been wondering...Where is Spring? It's way past due. Sure, there were those few days last week when it was really warm and I could see the snow on the ground slowly but surely disappearing. But then it SNOWED! Mehh.
I want to be able to wear shorts again (and show off my little legs. XP) and wear just ONE shirt again and NO SWEATER when I go out. I want to be able to be loose. I don't wanna feel claustrophobic like when I take the subway because of everyone's thick jackets.
Oh, and I wanna get some Vans. I miss my old ones. And when I do get them, I wanna know that that day marks the beginning of Spring!

I miss Moz. I miss the warmth...I miss how it WASN'T actually THAT COLD (compared to here). I miss going to my friends' houses, I miss Caixinha, I miss King Pie, I miss Caracol, I miss the dirt roads. I miss the amazing cheap beer. I miss seeing the everyday familiar faces (even though I didn't know them personally). I miss the band, I miss hanging out with Roger and hearing his speeches and randomness and seeing him 'trippar'. I miss Gabs and his crazy unpredictable words and problems. I miss walking with friends and ending up at random places. I miss going to practices or hanging out with other bands and just goofing off. I miss walking up apartment stairs because their elevators never worked. I miss kicking it with Mike and 'Edward' and Mahmoud and Arif and busting jokes and teasing each other every 30 seconds then I miss seeing people get offended after a while XD I miss getting called 'the Chinese guy' or 'drummer' by people I don't know. I miss hearing Portuguese and being told to learn or that I'm getting better at it. I miss getting hit on and complimented by random people XP I miss Metal Zone, I miss the food fair. I miss the EPM shows and events. I miss going to MIS and hanging out at the indoor soccer field sometimes finding people there (then finding out who they wereafterwards XD). I miss making beats late at night and recording songs with Mike and Hermano. I miss the meticais and coming home late almost every weekend. I miss Miradoro, I miss meeting people, hearing/seeing all the drama and being told funny stories. I miss the problems with mCel and their hilarious battle with Vodacom XD I miss Naval, Coconuts, the small block parties, the barrakas XP, and I kinda miss the monhes. I miss Mundo's (even though I hardly went), I miss Mimmo's, the Chinese restaurants and the weird waiters and waitresses. I miss the chapas. I miss how sometimes it seemed like there would be eternal sunshine. I miss seeing the sun rise and set from my house. I miss looking out my bedroom window...

I miss our huge veranda. I miss I miss how every song I listened to could actually make my day. I miss DsTV (Movie Magic, wack MTV, Fashion TV, Cartoon Network, M-Net). I miss my awesome cosy room. I miss doing graffiti. I miss my mom's amazing food and her hilarious silliness. My dad's BBQs and breakfast I wouldn't usually eat. I miss messing with my dad and him threatening me then chasing me away because he couldn't take it anymore. I miss going to Bilene and those places. I miss going to the shooting range and the familiar restaurants with the fam. I miss the weird Filipino dinner parties and how I'd only go for the food then go back home completely stuffed and watch movies. I miss my sister's silliness, big cheeks, taste in music and her tantrums. I miss my bro's moody moods and his random friendliness and silliness. I miss being at home.

I miss taking a chapa and walking just to be with that someone*. I miss those compromises. I miss Luz...Jardim, Xenon...those front steps, those hidden paths, those benches, that statue, those secluded places, those sidewalks, those interruptions, that pier, the phone I used to praise...

and I miss having a maid in the house!

I really miss all that...I'm just really glad I made what seemed like the most of it before leaving...No regrets.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Good Times

Here are some pics from Ceri's great/awesome visit to T-Dot...

Nathan Phillips Square - an ice skating getaway.

Skating break cuz they were smoothing out the surface of the ice.

Surfing and chatting next to each other haha. Silly, yes. With a little bottle to celebrate la reunion.

Long-time buddy buds ^^

Okay...This...is Ceri's random attempt at making my hair pretty.

Chilling with Lulu at the Eaton Center. We'd just had lunch and then bought chocolate fudge brownies (diarrhea brownies), chocolate chip cookies (yum) and cinnabons (which Ceri mistakenly squished later on having kept it in her bag).

The best rain ride ever. Here, we kept trying not to take pics with the flash on in the train (because it might be illegal to take pics in the train and some people get bothered by the flash), but we kept forgetting to turn it off, so we ended up with these uh...weird looks whenever it flashed hehe.

This...is the way we look when we're staring down at pathetic little kids, I think...cuz uh...we're mischievious bullies..!

Naaahh, we're just metalheads, keeping it real. X) YOOOIEE YOOOIEEEE!