Monday, September 21, 2009

September Update

-I went to the Tribal Gear tattoo expo last night with my brother. It was tight. We met P.O.D.'s drummer, Wuv. I'll post some pics up when I get to it.
-I'm starting to work out because I'm evidently getting fat. Mostly doin pushups to get some arm muscle goin to replace all that fatty fat. I did situps too but that killed my stomach and pelvis so I stopped. I'll get back into it sometime though. I should hit up the gym.
-My friend Michael from back in Mozambique who's actually in London now, convinced me to start working on some tracks for my own solo album. So I'm workin on that. I've done one beat for it which sounds pretty tight. One of my problems (though on another level is still a positive thing) is that I make so many beats and hand them out to my buddies (Hermano in South Africa and Michael in London) cuz they're the ones who are actively writing or doing shows and I'm not into rapping at the moment. I keep making beats though, so there's always material to work with and hand out if needed (Hermano always asks for beats which I gladly provide him with, and he's actually done a few shows recently doing Christian hip hop). Anyway, I'm pretty much just brainstorming ideas for my solo project so this is something I'm putting time and work into. I think there are lots of things I say I feel like doing but never end up dedicating myself to it, but this isn't one of those things. I think there's a point to this and I'm rolling with it and I hope it comes out great. I haven't written songs in a long time - I've just been making beats, and I think it's time to give myself a challenge in writing again. I'm aiming for 5 songs for now. Michael said to do at least 10, but we'll see how I feel after doing 5. I might post up my beats on here as this project progresses, so I guess you and my future self can see what's going on.

Peace and lots and lots of love!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Legendary Tales

My new kung fu vibe beat. Press play.

Legendary Tales_Spaz.mp3 -