Sunday, July 16, 2006

Graffiti by Ephin

I just saw this on YouTube and thought it wuz awesome. Just had to post it. This guy comes out with clean lines! Dig the colors too.
Inspiring shtuff. Too bad I'm too broke to buy cans. Funny how I get to go out every weekend though..!

Monday, July 10, 2006


So back in the day, around February, everything was so boring to me that I'd go to Coop with a friend and do graffiti throwups. There was already some graffiti there before made by the guys that live in that neighborhood, so we thought they'd beat the crap out of us in the beginning. But when we did the REBELIUS piece, which was our first piece, they liked it so much that they let us do as many pieces as we wanted. The only bad thing was that the walls were plain concrete, so they sucked up too much paint.

This was actually the first time I wrote my graffiti name, SKEP. Before that, I used to just write SPAZ, but too many people knew me by that alias so I thought I'd pick out a different name just for graffiti. I guess I just wanted to be safe haha!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Few Words Pt. 1

So I'm supposed to start college in Toronto on the 18th of September, studying film. Should be great, just being somewhere different for a change, you know. Gonna have a different lifestyle, being away from my parents and all that, being in a different environment. Gonna have a lot more responsibilities now too, being somewhat independent. But that's life...It's all good. Canada seems like the place to be, so that motivates me and I'm not worried about being on my own, having to care for myself and whatnot. I'm ready. Ready for that breath of fresh air. I got a feeling I'm not gonna get my student visa in time though. But that's just a feeling...I could be wrong.

And of course, apart from family, I got all my friends here. My homeboys and homegirls. Nowadays (since I'm done with school) it's just pure hanging out, kicking it with people. It's cool, even though it gets a little repetitive! But then again, that's Mozambique. It doesn't matter as long as you know you're having a blast or making the most of what you got right there. (The blood, the sweat, the beers!) It's awesome how everyone's real cool and we're meeting people all the time. So yeah, when I leave, I'm definitely gonna miss these times. 'Good times we rolled, good times we had,' in the words of Gabs.