Friday, May 30, 2008


I went to a Matt Good concert with Stephanie which was awesome. The opening band was pretty cool too. I forget what they're called though. Thanks again Steph for bringing me.

I'm pretty tired right now. After the show I went to Fil's house to hang out a little bit and jammed with Jason a little. But before I went there I stopped by Wing Machine to get a chicken burger with fries and a Sprite. I don't know why I'm writing this. It's probably just because I remember doing that.

Anyway, I'll probably repost this tomorrow or something. I'll post up some photos me and Nathan took a few days ago on our walk.

Mich is leaving for Maputo at 8 in the morning (her time). She's probably getting up right about now.

I think I'll go sleep. My legs are tired and I could use a massage everywhere.

And oh yeah... I still haven't gotten my working visa yet. Grrr. If I don't get it by next week sometime, I don't think I'll go to the Philippines.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Press Zero

I finally got my iMac! You should have seen me trying to carry it from the Eaton Centre through the subway and home. Nathan helped though. It's huge... a 25" monitor. The lady at the Apple store and the manager were surprised that it's my first Mac. It cost me $2279.21 in total. All I'm gonna use it for is to edit, video chat with my siblings, and watch movies... I can watch movies on it like I'm watching a TV screen. It's awesome.

I watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the theater con los hermanos. It was pretty intense. Not a bad movie at all. They did a pretty sweet job... I really didn't know what to expect. The car chase scene was crazy. The story involved aliens being worshiped (wow I thought this word was spelled with a double P). I seriously think that Steven Spielberg got abducted by aliens at least once.

Oh yeah, I learned something new today at the Apple store, while I was on the phone with my bank. The Apple store lady told me that whenever you're on the phone and it's the automatic voice thing telling you what the options are and telling you what numbers to press (which is just a waste of time), you can just press '0' (zero) to avoid all that and immediately talk to the person you want to talk to. Finally..! Knowing that will make life easier. How did I not know that??

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I watched Iron Man again....with Nathan and Tyler cuz they haven't seen it yet. But this time it was in a normal movie theater, so it wasn't as great. Digital is so much better! I think you're more focused when you're watching a movie in digital, for some reason. Maybe cuz it's clearer. Thanks to Stephanie for that.

Anyway, I'm getting an iMac! Yay! I can't wait. I'm gonna be working with iMovie though until I get Final Cut Studio 2 from Fil (who's borrowing it from Holly).

I like how green it is outside these days. It's so nice even if it's wet out. Summer's gonna be brutal though. But it'll be fun.

Oh yeah, my camera's main button is broken. It fell out somehow. I don't know if I should bring it to store though. It might take 3 weeks for it to get fixed and I might not be here by then. But maybe they'll have it done by next week if I'm lucky.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Martin's Slideshow

Gee. I'm proud of my bro to have really great ideas. He's funny too. He edited this on iMovie. It's a slideshow dedicated to all his friends in Mozambique.

Well done, bro.

Oh and here's his iMovie test video! It's the first video stuff he's ever done. It's pretty amusing. Apparently he did the music on Garage Band! How crazy is that? You're starting to surprise me, Martin. You crazy Asian guy. I'm glad you're starting to come out with your artistic side.


Hilarious interview with Terrence Howard, RDJ, and Jon Favreau.
Yes I'm now addicted to Iron Man stuff.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tony Stark!

Iron Man was AMAZING. Definitely the best superhero movie I've ever seen. It's not cheesy at all. Robert Downey Jr. is too awesome and director Jon Favreau definitely knows how to make good (independent-like) movies. I didn't know he directed it til now. He's in the movie too actually. He's aways a funny guy in movies (if you google him, you'll know who he is). I'm pretty sure he'll make the next 2 sequels great too.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Aren't the Muppets great?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Off to B.C.

GAH. I always get depressed when I'm home alone. Especially when there's no one interesting online to talk to. It's weird. The brothers went to Kingston to play on their parents' new boat.
I woke up at 5:50 pm. Partied last night. It was Genevieve's and Fil's party at the Harmony Bar & Lounge. It was pretty chill.

People who were there:
-a dude from TFC, I forget his name.. Mark or something
-some funny gay dude, I don't know his name either
-Gen's short chick friend who had a thin cigarette, I don't know her name either

Me and Nathan went home earlier than everyone else cuz we had to catch the subway before it closed at 1:30am and Tyler had to pick us up at the station we get off at, because buses stopped running too. I didn't wanna leave though. I don't get to party like that every weekend. I could have crashed at Fil's but I didn't have my house keys with me.

Anyway, I'm planning to go to Vancouver in September. Ceri's going back to there to visit her uni buddies. I owe her a visit, so I thought it would be a good time to go, and I found out Stephanie's going to Terrace at around the same time too, so we thought maybe we can go to Van and Terrace together, and I can crash at her place...and go to her best friend's wedding. Nathan said he might come too. It'll be coool. Might be a road trip if we don't take a plane.

Oh yeah, Speed Racer is amazing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I don't need a job offer letter thing thing to apply for a working visa!!


Thursday, May 08, 2008


I just watched Harold & Kumar 2. Damn. That was hilarious. A little too mainstream, but pretty damn funny. I thought the production for the first movie was better though. I'm definitely gonna buy the DVD when it comes out.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cheesy Movies

I haven't posted in a while! So this is gonna be random I think.
Last weekend I was in Kingston with the roomies. It was boring, I helped Nathan move pottery out of the tool shed.
The other day I got my photo taken for my passport. I had to take off my earrings and my eyebrow piercing (I think the hole sealed up though) because it's unacceptable for men to wear stuff like that in a passport photo. I'm kind of happy with the way my photo turned out. Just try to imagine me with my hair tied back, with a straight face. That's what I look like. Nathan said I can pass for a Mexican though..
It's been raining a lot lately.
Today I went to Queen's Park where the 10th annual Toronto Freedom festival was being held. It was too wet! I really wish it wasn't raining. Everybody got soaked. It was fun though. There were over a thousand people! Maybe next year it will be nice and sunny.

Movies I watched lately and really liked:

The worst movies were Doomsday and Forbidden Kingdom, though they were hilariously cheesy and ridiculous. And we were the only ones laughing at the crap parts! Everyone else in the theater was silent, wondering what we were laughing at. Gee, it's not hard to tell if the movie is bad or not!