Monday, November 05, 2007

As Requested

On Point lyrics

Indestructible I'm on the mic like Zack
attackin front lines harder than a wolf pack
Time to breathe time to see into ya mind
Intertwined with the words that be defined

By all means, the scene's beneath the surface
Deeper than roots, or else the pen's worthless
No purpose, track my lyrical state
Raidin' the gates, checkmate, it be ya fate

No said date like the masta releasin
Killa bee kicks and hits, that be increasin
The reason, to generate and elevate
like Style Wars, on freights, and dig crates

Heart rate, increase, building a beast
Lay it all down like a worldwide feast
Seizing and marking the spots for the century
Blocks, lock, dodgin the cops rockin the glocks,


[Automatic, shock, static, hold ground
Who be the baddest, the maddest in the underground?]

Wreckin and checkin, keep six, behind bricks
Heat seeking, fame reaping, with no cliques
Under the sun, and deep within the shadows,
Eminent yet camouflaged, runnin a battle

Ninja stance, I fire up the mic like Mike,
And freeze 20 speakers that stand on site
Willing to write, I'm in the bleachers at night
at 817, blind ya sight like daylight

Sunday, November 04, 2007

On Point

My first solo track recorded in Maputo, Mozambique on September 9, 2007.
This was originally recorded in my room here in T-Dot as a short demo early in the year because I was having problems with the lyrics.
Took me a while to put it up cause...maybe it's not all that great haha. Sometimes I don't know what I get up to.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Ted's Backpack of Mystical Doom

this is our project!! it's finally up. enjoy and tell me what you think!

oh and the teacher's "workbook" is mine hehe

Thursday, November 01, 2007

School News

Well...we were watching our final projects for the term today. My group's was shown last. Out of the 6 projects, I really liked 2 (including ours), just because of how creative and artistic it was done. The others were good, humor-wise.
I don't know how many of the projects will go up on youtube, but I'll post up our project once it's up on there. Hopefully Tony (who directed, produced, and edited the project) puts it up soon.
Anyway, people liked my camera work. Good hand-held shots. I got good comments about that, which made me happy. It's just nice to know that someone appreciates what you do, you know? And Tony said that he was very happy with his group. Said we should do more stuff together...