Friday, November 28, 2008

Karma é Real

So... because it's been a while since I posted a music video... here goes a song from early high school:

Mmm.. updates:
- I got a new free phone from Fido. Yes, thanks to Fido dollars. I got it because my other phone wuz dying and it's pretty messed up now. Somehow it's been through a lot.
- I got a new job assignment at work. I'm supposed to be working in the home/leisure department starting tomorrow. I have to work on Christmas trees too, handing them out to customers and stuff, which means I have to work out in the cold. Thank God I don't have to be outside all the time though and I can still work in the dairy department (my working buddies said they'd miss me if I was gonna be working home/leisure all the time haha).
- I hadn't gotten my paycheck because apparently they thought my visa wuz expired. I got that all sorted out today though. I should be getting paid from now on ^^
- Lamb Of God and Metallica are coming on the 7th. I wish I could go... if I only knew some cool metalheads!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Work today wuz pretty cool. Prolly the most interesting day so far. It consisted of hyperdorkum drumming on flattened cardboard boxes in front of the incinerator with Chad, writing little messages on the cardboard before throwing them in the incinerator, standing around talking about random things, watching people throw things at the wall and the ceiling, wiping diarrhea-looking pudding off of my shoe and the floor (haha gross), and other things I forget right now. Yeah it wuz all cool until everybody left and I wuz the only one in my department because Raoul came late. I had to put the milk out by myself! And it took a lot of heavy lifting. That wore me out after a while. And since there wuz no milk out for a while after everyone left, customers kept asking me to bring them milk "do you have 2%? i want four" "please can you give me two 3%" and I had to do that while I wuz clearing out the milk crates, which takes a while cuz there's too many. Toooo many (four 4 litre milk jugs fit in one crate).
Anyway, I'm pretty tired and I could sleep now. But I won't, because it's only 9:16pm and I only have to wake up at 7 or so and if I sleep now, I'll wake up at 3am or something and that's too early.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Worky Work

So I started working last week Sunday at the Superstore. My partner in crime's name is Courtnea. We're stocking buddies in the dairy and juice section. We get things done pretty quickly. She's really cool. She's 26 and she's from here. She's gets really sarcastic, and a lot of the time she beats me to it. We usually just laugh at random things (and ponder about how much cream cheese people consume and have discussions about juices that are too healthy for you). She wuz telling me about how she worked in a nursing home once and this old Asian used to tell her, "Can you get me Minimade?" Minute Maid. And I imitated the lady how I thought she might have said it, with the accent and all that and Courtnea found it amusing haha. Courtnea laughs quite a lot. Sometimes I don't even know what she's laughing at!
Anyway, so last week I worked from Sunday to Thursday. Each day I started at 7am and finished at either 2 or 3pm. We had a lot to do because on Saturday night before work, there wuz a fire outside the Superstore, where the paper towels and toilet paper I think were being kept. Some kids apparently did it. So that night, all the workers had to be evacuated, and we were left with mountainous piles of work to do the following days. Oh yeah, I work with a South African guy too. I told him I'm from Mozambique and he was really friendly. It's cool to know there's someone from Africa here.
This week though I only worked 2 days because they cut off people's hours. I found out today that Courtnea and I had it the worst. I worked a total of 8 hours this week. I was going to work on Tuesday though, but I was sick. It was a holiday and I was going to get paid 16 an hour! Stupid sore throat. Anyway, I might work on Friday since Dylan said he'd talk to our supervisor and see if he can free up hours. Ah I like all the people I work with at Superstore. It's great. So far I know 2 people I work with who are exactly my age - Chad and Megan. I'm guessing Dylan might be 21 too, but I'm not sure.
Anywho, I worked at the movie theatre too, but I quit today (which turned out to be an easy doing). I only worked 2 days last week and I wasn't given any working days this week. I didn't like it so much because everyone wuz so young (16+, and they all thought I wuz 17) and people were on me all the time... and the computer system wuz a headache! And I guess I just don't like serving people at all, ever since working at the pizzeria... And on top of it all, I was only getting paid $8.75 an hour. But yeah, it wasn't as chill as I thought it would be. The Superstore wins!
Hmmm I guess that's it! I'm still sick and yeah.
If anyone feels like watching an indie movie.. a really sweet and funny indie movie, I highly recommend Kabluey. It's pretty cute and not cheesy at all. I found out about it randomly, searching for newly released DVDs on the internet, and this one popped up (it wuz the cool sounding title), so I downloaded it, not knowing what to expect. I really liked it. Amazingly enough, it was written, directed, and produced by the main actor, Scott Prendergast. Now go watch it and tell me what you think!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

For Tamara's Enjoyment

So... because someone wanted to know... here are -

My Top 5 Hottehs:
in almost no particular order

Eva Mendes
With eyes like those? How can you not die for this woman? XP She has a hot shmile (oh those dimples) and yummy lips haha. She always seems to look gorgeous and you gotta love her tan... and her hair... Oh yeah she's fun in All About The Benjamins and Hitch, and almost too hot in We Own The Night. And of course she's the only reason anyone really wanted to watch that terrible terrible movie, Ghost Rider.

Scarlett Johansson
Becaaaause she's a versatile actress and she's got gorgeous eyes, juuuuicy lips, and she can pull off being blonde and brunnette whenever she pleases. She's prolly the shweetest blonde I know of haha. Oh and she plays awesome characters in movies. You can't forget her awesome punkyness in The Perfect Score and she wuz definitely great in Lost In Translation, which is one of my favorite movies. Oh and yes she's a very talented singer too. She has an album out ^^ and it's no poppy stuff. I forget whose songs she covers though. Tim knows.

Angelina Jolie
Ooooo Ms. Jolie! Yup. You gotta love her good looks and crazy side... and well.. of course that craziness all changed now but she's still preeeeetty and hot. Yeah she went through that waify period but whoa she got it all back fast, hmm? Ah drop-dead gawjus with mad talent (how many awards has she gotten?). I still have to watch A Mighty Heart and see how that went. Oh yeah, if she's ever going to adopt new kids, I want her to adopt me too considering how much she loves those Asians XD

Michelle Monaghan
I don't know. She seems fun and nuts XD I immediately liked her after watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and yeah she wuz in Mission Impossible 3 too but that wasn't as awesome I think. Hmm seems like I got more of a thing for brunettes at this point.

Brody Dalle (originally I had Mary-Louise Parker in this slot, but then I remembered Brody)
She wuz the lead singer and guitarist of now broken up punk band The Distillers (finally, someone who's not an actress!). Sure she's got that distinct husky voice but she's a cute and a gorgeous babe. Yeah I guess I do have a thing for punked out girls too and I'm pretty sure she's naturally blonde XP It wuz actually hard to decide which pic of her to put up so I decided to put up a few because she tends to look different in every photo (gotta love those eyes in the first pic). Hmm.. Is it just me or does she have some Angelina Jolie qualities about her?

Well, that's that..