Thursday, August 23, 2007

Been A While

So I know I haven't posted in a long time...been meaning to I'm taking this opportunity to do so.

So...a random list of what I've been up to the past few weeks:

-hanging out with Arif, Michael and Eddy
-going to Michael's house
-going to Arif's house
-riding chapas
-eating dinner at Carlotta's house with Mike and Pedro M.
-teasing Eddy with Michael and laughing hard XD
-recording at my house and having it not work out
-eating lots and getting stuffed (love Mom's food)
-fixing my glasses (yay)

-chatting with her for hours
-reflecting on my sobriety
-getting told I look like a girl with a mustache (Mom)

-working on a documentary for AIDS awareness and filming in Chamanculo and Xikelene
-laughing with my bro and sis
-going through my old rhymes
-making beats
-planning to make an album with Mike and Arif
-recording songs (recorded twice in 2 studios already)
-going to church
-thinking about moving in with Nathan
-thinking about school
-looking for artists/songs to sample
-sleeping lots
-dodging this dude who keeps coming over
Metalfest at Naval and watched my old band perform
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows bit by bit everyday like it's a series (I finally finished it today...It was awesome.)
-listening to music (as always)
-waking up early to talk to her
-waking up early everyday to go and film that documentary
-taking naps
-starting an awesome group [Temple of Darts] and killing it completely
-getting cooking tips from Mom
-finding old school pics on an old site
-remembering the old days
-making space on my computer
-finding out about
-missing her so much
-writing out my txts
-thinking about November
-thinking about December
-spacing out
-watching movies (just watched the
Simpsons movie and it's got its good moments XD didn't mind it one bit)

aaand yeah. I dunno what else..! I'll post again real soon when I think of something to write. I'll try to maintain my blog better from now on ^^