Monday, July 27, 2009


Dear Future Kevin,

This rarely happens but last night at the supermarket, you saw this diamond in the ruff (or starfish in a sea of fish, or dolphin in a sea of whales, or a gummy bear in a bag of nuts.. well, you know what I mean) type of girl and you didn't make a move. Remember what she looked like? Yeah. Latin/Portuguese-looking half-Filipina. RARE here, buddy. That was an opportunity and you knew it right then you'd regret not hollering. So that was an opportunity gone, but in the future I'm pretty sure you'll know not to have to think twice. Moron.

Anyway, love you bro.

Past Kevin

P.S. You just had Canadian bacon for breakfast for the first time in months and it was wick-wick-wicked.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Oh yeah, I was notified that one of my photos was short-listed for the upcoming 8th edition of the Schmap Toronto Guide! And of course I approved it, so hopefully they'll end up including it. It'd be sweet. Somehow I remember the framing being better though...

It's this photo right here:

Thursday, July 09, 2009


So here's a quick update. Just so you blogfiends and whoever else reads my crap (stalkers probably or friendly aliens) knows what's up.

I've been thinking about the possible things I can do with my time here (before I leave the country to go to wherever it is I'm going next.. back to Toronto hopefully, though that isn't in a while) and at the same time I've been feeling like the streets here need some decorating. I got inspired by a couple street artists I've been reading about in this book called The Adventures of Darius & Downey, and others like Swoon from some graffiti documentaries I recently rewatched. I really wanna start wheatpasting and culture jamming. Everytime I look out the car window, I see so many walls and places that I can make so much more interesting. And the adverstisements I can "take advantage" of.. there are so many that make people feel like they're not good enough because society says so if you know what I mean. And there are just so many unwanted giant billboards that scream at you, expecting you to buy their products just because there's a half-naked person on there.
I really just want to make things that people can look at and feel a connection to and just admire and just maybe even brighten up their day. So, I wanna do life-sized portraits and some stencils and just post them up around the city. Honestly, I think it'd be cool to share that type of art with all these people who've never seen it before. I don't want the art to above nor below the people I'm doing it for.. but instead just with them in a way. So yeah, I'm working on that. I already bought a bunch of art supplies and whatnot, so hopefully soooooon I'll be up in the streets doing my thing-thing.
My sister came back from New York last week and she just had her 16th birthday on Tuesday (the 7th).
I've been working on more beats as usual. Trying to get this next instrumental album done so I can have something to listen to and be happy about and maybe even share with the world. The working title is 'Stuck' and it's really dark and moody. Really underground.
I really want to start writing some scripts again. I don't think I wrote a script since the last scriptwriting assignment last year. But, I'm gonna get Windows on my Mac tomorrow so I should be using Final Draft again :)
I'm currently reading a handful of books it's ridiculous. I don't even give each one that much time. I still haven't finished Watchmen and I started Sophie's World again (read it a few years ago but never finished it because someone stole my copy) and I started Chuck Palahniuk's Choke again (like I said in my previous big post). Sign of A.D.D?
Nine Inch Nails is coming in August. I think I'm going. Should be awesome.
My dad's leaving on Friday to work in Africa for a few months. It's gonna be weird with him not being around. I got used to him being here all the time haha.

I removed my eyebrow piercing btw... I definitely have mixed feelings about that, but I think I don't mind it at all. This is the 3rd time I removed it and probably won't get it pierced again... for a while :P

Anyway here's a treat (I know I haven't posted any pics in a long time) and there's more where this came from ..but they probably won't see the light of day until I feel like posting them haha (sorry!):

Starting off a night in Boracay