Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tim & Kev's Excellent Adventure

Yeah. Tim's leaving for good on the same day that I'm leaving. I can't believe it. He's been a great friend. We've had fun times together, hanging out, going to school, making movies, working together, making music, watching movies, going to parties, etc. I'm definitely gonna miss him. He's the only person I can really identify with here, and now he's going. Kinda sad...but we'll definitely see each other soon. And Columbia College, here we come! Really serious about going to Columbia College in Chicago next year. That's our plan. September '08. It will happen.

Anyway...So today I was hanging out with Tim. We were a little indecisive about where to eat (it had to be somewhere that would hit the spot), but after about 15 minutes of careful consideration and standing on the busy sidewalk at the intersection, I suggested we eat at Golden Griddle.

Kevin: Let's eat at that place! The Golden Griddle!
Tim: Yeah! That would be good.
Kevin: Yeah yo.
Tim: But you know what would be a good place?
Kevin: What?
Tim: McDonald's!
Kevin: HAHA good idea!

Yeah right. So we ate at Golden Griddle. We both got fish & chips and it filled us up faster than a Hungry-Man meal (note: Hungry-Man is a microwavable dinner that takes so long to heat up. You starve for about 20 minutes before you can actually eat it). Oh and the waiter was weird. He was this dude with glasses and didn't seem to like me. He seemed to be trying hard to be nice too.

Waiter: So have you decided?
Kevin: No, I'm still deciding. Thanks.
Waiter: (confused) Okay. (walks away)

I'm sure he thought I was an "indecisive f***er" as Tim suggested, because it took me a while to decide what to order, when Tim already ordered the fish & chips.
The fish & chips actually came with two pieces of fish and a bunch of chips and some toast. And around all that was some sprinkled parsley. Which looked a lot like something else.

Kevin: Dude, look at all this weed!
Tim: Yeah man. Imagine the guy comes back and we're like rolling it?
Kevin: HAHA that would be funny. It's like "dude, there's uh...weed on my plate."
Tim: Yeah, it's like he comes back and it's like (whispering) "Thanks man." (winks)
Kevin: HAHA that's crazy.

So yeah, after that, we went to Tim's and met Andrew there. He needed to use Tim's CD burner and Tim made all these CDs for him. And I called her*.
Then from Tim's, we went to Tim Horton's and the two dudes bought something. And we just sat there and talked about how Andrew looks a lot like Beck and how we should have made a documentary about how many people he could convince that he's actually Beck. Because he actually really does look like Beck! And lots of people have gone up to him telling him he looks like Beck. He even joked about going up to girls and saying-

Andrew: Hi, I'm Beck.

XD it's funny. We joked about Andrew's celebrity look-alike for a while. Then Tim and I went back to his apartment to carry his shelf to my apartment. It was funny. We both carried it at 1:30 am XD through the streets and through Eglinton Park (which was dark and empty). And while we were in the streets, we were wondering if it was illegal to carry it and trying to figure out how to carry it and walk in a way that makes it all easier, though it was light.

Tim: I wonder if this is illegal.
Kevin: Nah, I don't think so.
Tim: I don't even have anything to prove that it's my shelf.
Kevin: Yeah, well they can't prove we stole it anyway.

Minutes later...

Kevin: What if we walk sideways?
Tim: Like crabs?
Kevin: Yeah!

The two hold both ends of the shelf, walking sideways quickly, sidestepping like crabs. down the empty street.

Kevin: What if we did that the whole time? But moving forwards, then right and left like this. (does it)
Tim: HAHA yeah, but then we're like only moving up and down the street.
Kevin: HAHAHA yeah!

Haha it's been too fun. Gonna miss all the silliness.

So yeah, then we got to Eglinton Avenue (my street) and many people were looking at us.

'Gangstas' (latinos and asians) walk down the sidewalk the two boys are walking up on. The two set the shelf down to let them pass.

Kevin: Damn dude, I hate Asian gangsters.
Tim: Those guys are jokes, man. You know what I'm saying?
Kevin: Yeah.

Then we got to an intersection and had to cross over to the left side so that we could walk up the sidewalk that was more spacious and empty. And we passed by these people crossing the opposite way.

Girl: (about to cross the street) I wonder what's in that box.
Tim: (puzzled) It's a shelf.

Girl doesn't believe it. The two boys turn the shelf for her to see the shelfy part.

Girl: Oh! HAHA! (runs away, crossing the street)
Kevin: HA-HA. What a stupid girl.

The two boys cross the street.

Tim: Yeah, she was pretty hot. Too bad she's not a rocket scientist.
Kevin: HAHAHA you're bad dude!

"Too bad she's not a rocket scientist" XD gee. That was awesome. So yeah, we finally got it up the stairs and into my room. It's still missing some shelves, which we had to leave at Tim's house because they were those things that you could just easily remove, and it would have been hard for us to bring them. Tim's bringing those later though.

So cool. Definitely a funny, memorable night.

Gonna miss you, man. It's been great. Now we got Columbia College to look forward to!

Quick Post

Change (in the House of Flies) - Deftones

This is short. I just want to say that I miss/love her very much. She sent me a package which I received yesterday. Which is a funny story...I was ready to go out when I opened the door and almost tripped over something on the floor. I hit it with my foot and got surprised and looked down. I saw it was a parcel! I was like "YAY!" And I opened it and it had all these goodies inside ^^ like the Deftones White Pony guitar tabs book (which I love and I already know how to play "Change" which I've been itching to know how to play for a long time), a chocolate bar which I'll open later tonight, and some CDs and a letter. Oh joy. Je t'aime! And thanks so much, 'mor.

So yeah...Tim's leaving on Monday to go back to Chicago for good. His dad's driving up on Sunday (Canada Day here). So Tim's been packing the last few days. I have to go to his house sometime soon to get his shelf which he's giving me for free! It's a tall shelf too. It will be put to good use. So cool.

And I can't believe I'm going to Moz in almost 2 days! Gonna miss the summer here, hanging out with my friends...and talking to her*. But it will be fun, seeing my family and friends again. There's lots to do.


This post will be continued. I have to bring back a DVD to the rental store, and figure out when to get the shelf.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Today I went to the Olympic Airways office and got my ticket to Joburg (where I'll be getting my ticket to Maputo). I'm leaving Toronto on the 2nd of July and arriving in Maputo on the 4th*.

This is how my flight goes:

Toronto - Athens 16:15 10:40
Athens - Joburg 00:55 09:10

What about to Maputo, you wonder? Well, I wonder too. Should find out when I get to Joburg and get my ticket.
I don't think I'll like waiting at the airport in Athens for more than 14 hours.

AHH I can't wait to see my family and friends again!

Anyway, today I went to the mall with Tim and bought me a pair of shorts and a pair of socks. I also bought 3 pairs of socks for my sister (who has been craving them). And I bought a CD for my bro. I hope they like what I got them. I was going to buy me a beanie hat thing thing (because I stupidly lost mine, which I miss so much) from H&M but they only had one size (fits all supposedly) and I didn't like that too much. Everytime I put one on, it would be a little too tight and made it slightly hard for me to roll my eyes up XP It was a nice hat though and pretty cheap. Tim wanted me to get it. "You should get it. Until you find another hat." XD It was brown and had yellow and [forgotten color here] stripes. I liked it.

Yes, I know I haven't been writing much in my blog. Slacking! Mehh. I always forget what to write about. I guess my days out haven't been so interesting lately. It's filled with park adventures though. I'll post some videos up soon of these dogs I filmed at the park.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet

Just because I like the art of it...the way it was shot and edited. And the lighting and colors are great. The song's pretty hardcore. It's great. I guess it's about how drugs can mess you up.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Well, I got my US visa today!

That should be something to be happy about.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Eglinton Park Photos

Eglinton Park!

For our convenience.

Pinecones! (not pineapples)

Our shelter.

Where'd all you dandelions go?


These people came out of nowhere and started climbing the tree.

This used to be full of dandelions..!

Love trees!

Pics taken June 9, 2007

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Worn Out

Well, I'm bored and my feet are killing me. Me, Ayden, Tim and Ed played basketball today at some school's outdoor basketball court. It was good. Haven't played in so long, and I sucked pretty bad. It was fun though. That's what I've been doing the past few days - hanging out with the guys, playing pool and walking around. The park's a pretty good place. I'm usually there with Tim. Weird things are known to happen there. Nonetheless, it's a pretty chill place. Sitting under the trees and talking about how weird it is that the dogs there look like other animals (like bears, horses and piglets).

Anyway, I went and got my picture taken today for my US visa application. It didn't go down too well for me. I had to gel my hair back because they wanted my full face showing and my ears had to be visible. I gotta say - I don't really like that picture.

Oh well. It was nice out today. Not like the past few days where it's been real hot and humid and rainy. I wanted to bring my camera with me when we went to play basketball but decided against it. Bad move.

Hmmm...I miss her. So much. Wondering what she's up to...

I think I'm gonna read a book. The book Ayden lent me the other day. Still haven't really started it. Only read the first page of the first chapter.

Kevvy out.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another Black Book Entry.

Well, I've been sketching quite a lot lately. Gives me something to do when I'm in and bored on a rainy day. I'd say I've been pretty productive with my graff sketches. Experimenting with 3D shapes and letters. I'm getting there. I made some satisfying progress. It gets pretty intricate. I'm trying to go for highly intricate and weird though. It's more interesting and something I've always wanted to do but wuz too scared to try. Not sure why, but I'm happy that I'm doing it now. See where I go with it in a few weeks.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Porque Yo Tengo Una Camera Nuevo

Through the green canopy.

Taken in our balcony.

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Funny Moment

Tim and I were at Eglinton Park today, observing the kids swimming in the indoor pool. We were outside, looking in through the glass windows, completely bored.

Kevin: Hey man, look they're all kids!
Tim: Yeah. Look, that guy's hitting them in the face with the [beach] ball.
Kevin: HAHA yeah! Doesn't that guy look like a woman with that red shirt?
Tim: Haha yeah, he does a little bit. He's probably a lifeguard because it says 'lifeguard' on his shirt.
Kevin: Well, yeah...but...he looks like a woman. Look at that kid, doesn't he look too old to be in there?
Tim: Who?
Kevin: That kid right there, the tall one.
Tim: Oh yeah.
Kevin: He's probably a retard. Look at those kids, they're teasing the retard!
Tim: Oh my God HAHA.
Kevin: (using his voice to mimic the kids) "Hey! Look at him! He's a retard!"
"Come on guys, don't make fun of me. That's not nice..."
"Haha. What a loser!"
Tim: HAHA. That is sooo bad.

A woman and her child walk by. The child walks through the door, to the pool.

Kevin: Look, the retarded guy's not interacting with the other children. I wonder why. Check the lifeguard. "Come on guys, don't tease the retarded guy."
"What? No, screw you! You're a retard! Give us the ball!"
(Carries on, saying obscene things, still mimicking the children.)
Tim: (Noticing the woman is still there) Hey man, we gotta go. Someone's standing there. They can hear us.
Kevin (Looks back to see the woman) Oh shit.

The two boys walk away very fast, trying hard to stifle their laughter.