Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Eaton Center

So, Stephanie wrote about our Boxing Day adventure.

Here's the link:

Here is the Eaton Center when it was crowded..! Every shop had about 100 people in them!

And Yorkdale Mall with the showy lights before it closed...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

An Old Recording

This song, we recorded at my house in February 2006. It's got Hermano, Michael, me, and Liam respectively. We were the Imminent Shadows (or Eminent Shadows).

Hermano & me

Michael & Liam

It's an important song to me because it's got my best buds on it and I think it's a great track. It's probably my favorite track that I ever recorded. I remember we wrote to it the day we decided to record it. We all just sat there writing to the beat. Eddy was there too, actually. He's not a writer nor part of our crew though, so he didn't do anything but give moral support. He just sat there, hanging out in the living room with us. I remember Liam almost didn't record his part because he was too shy and my parents just walked into the house. And I think he had to leave for Australia that month, so that was one of the main reasons we wanted to record it all on the spot. I haven't seen him since.
Anyway, I thought I'd post it up because I just listened to it again today and found it inspiring just hearing my friends' voices on it. This is a "Jack in the Box" to me. Everytime I give it a listen, it jumps out and gives me this spine-tingling sensation.

The intro is a random recording of me, Michael and Liam talking near the computer. You can't really hear Liam though.
And the ending, where Hermano says, "Shout outs to all the MCs in Mars", he is referring to our friend, Ruy, who talks with a terrible lisp.

Chinese Restaurant

On Thursday night, me and Stephanie went into this Chinese restaurant after walking for about an hour with empty stomachs. We walked into some fast food places that said they didn't have any food! How messed up is that?

Anyway, so we walked into this Chinese restaurant and each ordered this meal that had fried rice, noodles, chicken balls, and an egg roll. So we sat there and ate.

[The owner of the restaurant walks by, with her little Chinese daughter getting a piggyback.]

Kevin: Aww. I want a piggyback ride. [starts giggling]
Stephanie: Hahaha.
Kevin: Hahahaha I'm imagining me on her back.
Stephanie: Oh no!
Kevin: [bursts out laughing hysterically] It's too funny!

[Stephanie tries to eat but Kevin keeps laughing like a madman]

Kevin: [tries to catch his breath] Oh damn. I need to sleep. I've been awake for like 24 hours.


Stephanie: Try the egg roll.
Kevin: This is an egg roll?
Stephanie: Yeah!
Kevin: [takes a bite of the egg roll] Uhh...where's the egg?
Stephanie: I don't know. It's only got vegetables!
Kevin: Mine too.
Stephanie: I don't think it's an egg roll.
Kevin: [gasps] They cheated us!!
Stephanie: They did.
Kevin: Now they have to pay us back! [starts laughing again in-between words] With...a...piggyback...ride...HOME!! HAHAHAHA
Stephanie: Oh no..
Kevin: [still giggling] Imagine...they have to...take us home like guy for each of we can ride on their backs...and..they take us...home..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Timey

Yeah.. it's Christmas. it's 4:18AM right now...and I'm...Home Alone.
What am I doing for Christmas? Nothing. Just sit in my room all day watching movies and eating food. Which makes me wonder what movies I'm going to watch...
Anyway...I'd call everyone I care about, but...that's too expensive...
Wish I was with people that matter on Christmas...I'm really missing everybody. Especially at times like this. This is my 2nd lonely Christmas in a row, man!
Damn. Oh well...

I love yous and Christmas hugs to these people (even if you don't read this):

Mich - wish you were here, lovey
Carla - take care of Mom
Martin - stay on the surface
Mom - I love you
Dad - you're an awesome nephew
Mama Lols - I miss you
Lola Meding - glad you're happy with Dad

Aunts & Uncles:
Tito Ian

Tita Sharon
Auntie Gina - I'm waiting for my box of goodies
Uncle Ed
Uncle Dondi
Uncle Jong
Auntie Cyn
Uncle Willy
Auntie Tate & Reggie - have a good wedding!

Cousins I know:

Nick Wilson
Pamela Faye

Ceri - hope you're having fun in Spain
Stephanie - thanks for being a cool bud
Tim - miss you man
Andrew G
Michael F - you're an awesome friend

Romeo Celiz
Alding Celiz
George Regino

Jah bless.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Finally got myself some sleep.

It's weird now that school's's like I feel so bored. Almost as if school gave me more things to do in my time...when really all I had to do was write scripts. Here's the usual formula:

classes + homework + own time (fun little random things + movies) = everyday

Now...take away homework. It's weird. I'm starting to think that the realization of having homework to do made me steer away from homework and find much more interesting things to do. I guess fun stuff wouldn't be as fun without the things next to it that are completely unfun.

For the record...I finished my script at 10:30 am today. That was 12 hours of writing! I was so happy to get it done and handed in. I was so delirious and red-eyed after everything. Oh and my teacher told me today that I'm a talented writer.. And then we were discussing what I wanted to get into with film and I told her about the documentary I worked on and the one I want to do. She said I should do it and something about getting funding for it. It was nice because I wasn't the most punctual person in class and I've had homework turned in late... But yes. She was cool and she gave me and the others a lot of tips and insight as to how to be a "writer". WORD.

ANYWAY. I'm home alone now. I have been for two days now. All the way until maybe January 4. That's when Ayden is coming back I think...and probably Ed, who's going to Columbia College in January. So yes, we're going to need a new room mate and I think we've already found one who's going to my school. Ed has a bathroom in his room so I think I'm going to move there when he leaves. Yes, I'm going to move his bathroom.. imagine that.

I feel so lonely. I miss everybody...not my roommates, but people that matter and make things better somehow, just being able to talk to them and [be with them].

Word. What an awesome holiday this will be.

I bought new pants today! That made me happy. They're black and comfortable and sweeet cargo pants! I haven't had pants exactly like this since 7th grade! Not of this fabric anyway. AHH I'm going to wear them everyday for 2 months XD my pants prior to these. haha


Friday, December 21, 2007

Suffering Succotash!

Yes. Sylvester the cat's famous words. It's been in my head since yesterday for some strange reason..

I am currently writing the last act of my whole movie script which is due in about 8 hours. I am not going to sleep until I finish it and hand it in. Tomorrow's the last day of school.

Dammit. I am pushing 11 pages and I need about 20 more. To stay up, I've been drinking coffee that I bought at Coffee Time...and eating 2 beef paddies...and a rice krispie marshmallow square.

You should know that I want to sleep. I did not sleep last night. I went to school without sleeping and slept when I came home. I slept for about 5 hours until 9:00 and woke up (computer alarm clock is very convenient. It plays MP3s. Very cool. You can wake up to your favorite songs.) just to write my script. I wrote 12 hours straight on Monday and Tuesday just to finish my 2nd act. It was a killer. Our teacher expected us to finish our whole movie script in a month. Caga la. What movie writer does that? Porra. E uma merda.

Anyway, I go back to work now. I slave myself.


Saturday, December 08, 2007


The new Wu-Tang album coming out on the 11th of December!

4 DAYS!!

Think I'll sport my Wu-Tang shirt when I buy it.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Ahh's been a week since I left Colorado. So sad. I had an awesome awesome, sweet, great, wonderful, fun, lovely, amazing time with Mich. Sucks to leave the things you've gotten so used to and really really love...

On a lighter note, she just bought her tickets to come see me in March! On the 12th!! Should be reaaaaaaaaally sweet! It'll be her Spring Break. I can't wait!! Just 100 days left til she gets here! I finished the 1st act of my feature. 2nd act is due in two weeks. So much to write...but I can do it. Not putting it off til the last minute anymore. I should be alright.

It snowed last night (refer to this video. Ed actually showed up at the balcony when I thought he was sleeping and he scared me XD so I swore and'll see).

That was the first major snowfall of the season. I think we got about 10 - 15 cm of snow. It's yucky outside. We have the perfect snow in our balcony though. There's quite a bit out there. I'll take a picture tomorrow. It's perfect for snowballs [and enough for making a midget snowman]. We tried it this afternoon. We were making snowballs and Ayden was aiming for the apartment sign and almost hit it...and then I tried..and I almost hit a guy who was coming out of the building XD I had to stop, though it was too fun.