Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Friday the 13th



Friday, July 13, 2007


Ahhh...help me. I have a stuffy nose and I keep coughing and my body's aching, my neck's aching, my arms....I don't feel good. I could use a massage.
This sucks. My bro says it's because my body's not used to being in Moz and I just got back. "Your white blood cells still have to produce antibodies. You'll feel better in a few days."

Yeah yeah. Heeelp meee...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back In Maputo

So I'm back. Can still hardly believe it. Love it though. Love my mom's food and just being home and taking walks and seeing my friends...

Yesterday I went to the food fair with Gabriel, Paty and Ana around 12:30. It was cool. I met lots of people I hadn't seen since I left. They were cool. Lots of compliments and weird comments about my hair XD a series of-

"Oh I love your hair!"
"I like your hair. It's nice. Ah my favorite Filipino! He's so cute."
"Your hair looks pretty!"
"What happened to your hair man?"
"I thought you were a girl. You look like a girl from the back. I told Martin that Toronto isn't doing your head any good." (note to self: this was Fabiola. kill her.)

and the best was Mahmoud..
"Hey man, what is this? What is this? I thought you were a chick! I had a crush on you! You have to cut it man."

It was funny. Most of the time I just hung out with Paty and Ana (they were always following me and whenever I talked to my friends, I'd supposedly "always get lost" and have to go find them) walking around and sitting by the fish pond at the back and sometimes Jason and Ivan would come around. Gabs and Leila were talking, and Eddy and Hermano and those guys were in their own place somewhere. When I'd join them, we'd remember Mr John's 12th grade English class and imitate the way he talked and remember all the funny things he used to say XD and just laugh and laugh. Ah the good 'ol days.

It was cool. Then sometimes I'd bump into Hanni and Daniela (Carla's friends).

Hanni & Dani: (waving) Hi! Hello!
Kevin: AHH!! What's up! Hellooooo!

Then we'd all walk away really fast XD

So yeah I gotta say that the music was WACK! M.I.S. is such a joke XD but it's cool how they have food fairs. Just the performances they have on-stage is ridiculous. Mr Albert is such a dork MC.
So yeah, then I looked around for Michael but it turned out that he had gone home. Me, Paty and Ana bought boerwors which were pretty good. Walking in the food fair was brutal.
Then some people went to Franco to watch Kaspanatola and some other bands play. Me, Paty and Ana stayed behind because Ana couldnt go and if she went home she had to study. So we hung around for a bit and everytime people said hi to me or I went and said hi to someone, they'd be like "Oh, Mr [Popularity]. And you say you don't know anyone huh?" Haha it wuz funny. I really don't know anyone apart from my friends. It's weird, people just know me like that. Not even just through my brother and sister.

Ana: Those two girls were talking about you.
Kevin: Really? What did they say?
Ana: I don't know, I just heard one of them said they met you once. Do you know them?
Kevin: Damn. Uhmm.. (looks at them) Not really.

[I recognized them as my brother's classmates XD Kinda nice though being talked about. Quite a change from Toronto...]

Then I bought a waffle and the lady gave me HALF A PLATE to put it on! XD then me and my two followers went to Jardim around 5 and just sat under the big tree on a bench. Ngh. I used to sit on that bench with her*. But yeah, it wuz kinda cool. Sad at the same time. Then I tagged the bench XP. Then we walked Ana home (she lives a block away from Jardim) so she could hit the books and me and Paty just walked down Miradoro and I tagged some of the way to Caracol and got worried for a second because I had numerous tags on top of the cement fence.

Kevin: What if this goes on the news?? Like, "..someone has been doing graffiti everywhere.." then they come looking for me or something.
Paty: No, it won't.
Kevin: How do you know?
Paty: Look, this is Mozambique. And before it happens, you would already be gone. They're that slow.
Kevin: Hmmm...OK. That makes me feel better.

I wanna take pics soon. So much to capture and remember (Jardim especially).

Anyway, it's early Sunday morning. Fam needs to go to church at 9.

Ah. the familiarnessness-ness of Maputo.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Well, I'm almost ready to go. Just got out of the shower. Now I just need to run to the bank and change money into $US (I need money for food at the airport(s) and for the $25 visitor's visa I'm buying at the airport in Moz when I get there)...then come home and eat something and pack my carry-on; stuff it with my extra shirt, boxers and socks and my toothbrush and my laptop and my camera somehow...then wake Ed up so he could accompany me on the train ride to Kipling Station. Then I'm taking the 192 bus to Pearson International. It's only $2.75 for the trip, compared to the $40 cab ride! But my suitcase is HEAVY! I think I'll get Ed to lug it around everytime we change trains. XD

Okay. That's all I should probably write. I did not sleep at all last night. I just finished uploading all the videos I needed to put up on youtube.

Here is the video I said I'd put up-

I like this world!

A Railroad Adventure 2

It all started at Andrew's house. Me, Tim and Ed were there. Andrew wasn't home. Stephanie arrived with Andrew a few minutes later.

Andrew's table.

Andrew lives in Little Jamaica.

On the way.

Piggyback rides are fun.

The most ginormous dandelion I've ever seen.

Voyeur vision.

Skunk vision. (Yes, a baby skunk scurried past us on our way back at night.)

Kicking a used spraycan.

Admiring the bridge all the way up.

Something dead and rotten.

I can't believe you're leaving!

It's the jumpoff...Not really.

On a bridge.

Steph's idea for a pic. Silhouettes.

A "hamster cage".

"Oh my God! We traveled a decade back in time!" - Ed

A congregation of some sort.

Ain't that a beauty?

Pretty far.

We were up there before and went back up again since we didn't know how else to get back to Andrew's.

A few minutes after this, we heard a big rustling and heavy movement in the bushes beside us.

Kevin: Holy shit!
Tim: RUN man!

Tim and I bolted (thinking it was two dogs fighting or something) straight past Ed and Andrew who were way ahead of us. Stephanie "moved back" like she wasn't scared at all. Then a quiet black dude came out, and walked past us and disappeared in the darkness. We think him and his friend were only there to scare us.

We'll all be off soon.

After all this, we went back to Andrew's, took a taxi to our apartment and then walked to Jackson's house where he was having a party. That was crazy. Everyone who was already there (Filip, Paul, Nathan, Jason, Jackson, two girls and three white dudes we don't know) were singing along to Coolio's Gangsta Paradise. And the rest of the music was terrible. Filip was rapping and singing all over the place, really loud. He was loco. And so was Nathan.
Anyway, in the midst of all that; while I was on the phone with her*, Jackson went to the club with the two girls and the three white dudes we don't know. And so we were all just there talking, listening to the okay music that was on the iPod and some people were drinking, eating peanuts, and drawing on the paper that Jackson put up on the wall for us to do whatever we wanted on. Then Filip, Nathan and Jason left to catch the subway home. And me, Tim, Ed, Ayden, Andrew and Stephanie were left there, in Jackson's house. That was funny. He said we could do whatever we wanted though. So we were there for a while, talking and eating, and dissing the iPod music (one of the white dudes owned that iPod) until about 2 am. And then we hit up the Coronation. They were closing though. We just stood outside and one of the regulars, this 40-something year old lady was outside, talking to us, obviously drunk. She was funny though. She's something else XD. She was talking LOTS! Andrew even suggested to her that she should be a comedian. And she said Tim has a nice haircut and that she likes my 'outfit' and said something about my 'tattoos' (Stephanie drew all over my arm) and then she was talking to Ed and Andrew. Then she walked over to me and I sort of moved back, with a serious face and she said something like "Oh, are you angry just because I think you're gorgeous?" Weird woman. But I just laughed. Then she was hitting on Andrew, Ayden and Tim a little bit. And whenever someone came out of the Coronation, she'd talk to them and we'd be like "OK let's go!" And she'd come back and say "Hey, I can hear you. You guys are trying to get rid of me!" And I remember we were all walking home and I look back and Tim and Ms Drunken were walking arm in arm! XD
Then we were outside of our apartment, trying to get rid of her. And we walked into the lobby. She was outside, saying goodbye to Andrew. We thought she wanted to kiss him, because she was hugging him and getting really close to him. But she didn't. That would have been hilarious though. XD

Anyway, we all just sat in our apartment and then everyone left. Memorable night.

Ahhh! I wish someone else would write about last night. It's too much to write about. I'm sure I left out lots of details but I'm not really in the mood to write so much. I'm just writing what I can remember and want to remember when I read this again. There are videos of the railroad adventure on youtube though.

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RJ0VAf88xs

All the clips are on there. There are about 20 of them.

Love/miss you, mrs.****

Sunday, July 01, 2007

11th Hour

Well...Now I'm packing and listening to Deftones. Tim, Stephanie and Andrew just left, after about an hour of hanging out in the apartment. We were at Jackson's house "partying" - without Jackson (he left us at his place to go to a club with some girls). We were just there, talking and laughing. It was a fun night. Lots of random and funny things happened, which is cool. It's definitely good to have a fun night before leaving.

Anyway. YUP. Time to pack!

Kevvy out.