Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Photos from Riverdale

Here are some of the photos I took during Steph's birthday at Riverdale Farm (some featured in my deviantArt):

Baa baa White Sheep



Through There


For Dear Life

Wish You Were Here

A Lack Of Color


Days Turn Blue To Gray

Through The Glass

Break The Ice


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gulf War Montage: The Aftermath Destruction/Oil Well Fires

This is from a documentary by Werner Herzog that I still have to watch. Only found out about it today. Our teacher was telling us about how amazing it looked so I googled it. Thought I'd post it up because I thought it looks really great.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Conversation with J.J.

This is funny. This is for Tim, Steph and Mich. I seriously thought you guys should see what Josh (J.J.) looks like now. Feel free to just click on this and read the conversation.

Love you awesome ladies and gentleman.

Josh rules.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sad Day?

The house is empty. Ed's gone. And...


...on the count that I have to pay for internet/cable every month which is about 60 - 80 bucks but Ayden has to pay for hydro, which is 40 bucks every two months.

Upside? I get my own bathroom (which I just tested), the biggest room in the house with a big closet, and I have control over the internet/cable...meaning I can take away channels that I don't want, resulting in a smaller bill. Haha. But I don't think I'll do that. It depends if we don't get a TV or something. There's no furniture in the house right now apart from in my room and Ayden's room.

Killa beees! I upgraded my stat in this house. No more sharing bathrooms and feeling yucky caca about it. Yippeeee.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Yes, it's all back to the relentlessly mind-numbing "wake up early and go to school" routine. It's alright though because our teacher for Writing for Television, Mark, is a hyper guy. He's really cool, probably in his early 30s. He started off independent...producing, writing, editing, and directing. He's always joking around and it makes the class really interesting and fun. We have him 2 days in a row (Tuesday and Wednesday). And because he can be real silly and sarcastic sometimes, I have the tendency to write down some of the things he says which I find funny.

Here's my list so far:

"HBO changed the world."

"If [your homework] is late, I'll have to take you to the principal's office."

"You can go home and you can sleep, but I'm still gonna be there - in your brains!"

"No light switch in here? Okay. Steve, smash that one; Robyn, you that one..."

"How many people actually have sex as much as the people on Sex and the City?"

"Wait...are we gonna do that? (looks through his notes) No. I lied."

"Yeah, [she's] the "main prostitute"."

Then we have our Scriptwriting II teacher, John, who's about 40 something. We have him every Thursday and Friday. He's dead boring but he never stops talking. Robyn says that "he needs the drug that Mark is on". I completely agreed. Today was our first day with him and he went on about Aristotle the whole first class, which was 2 and a half hours. He kept talking about Aristotle's Poetics. It was more of a philosophy lesson than anything else. But it was all about what Aristotle thought were important elements in writing about tragedies. Some of it was interesting though, but I have to say that I don't always agree with old Aristotle and his philosophy in writing...such as the fact that an antagonist turning into a good happy person at the end of a story is a bad thing.
Most of the class I just doodled some graff in my notebook, half listening because he mostly talked about common sense in writing and stuff we'd already covered in another class a few months ago. I even found myself sketching him at one point, which is the first time I've sketched anyone like that since last year in production. He's a nice teacher though.

ANYWAY, reading the interview with Chino [Deftones] made me happy today. It's on their blog. He said that the music they've been writing for the new album which is due later this year, reminds him of White Pony, which is probably one of my favorite albums of theirs (real ear food). I can't wait to hear that!


Books I'm reading:

The Wu-Tang Manual by The RZA, who is one of the main founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan and family. He's also their producer, meaning he makes their beats and gives them guidance. In this book, he talks about the thoughts and artistry of the Wu. He talks about how they were formed, their influences, kung-fu, chess, spirituality, slang and he even breaks down some of lyrics. I think it's really interesting. He's writing another book like this. This one's just an introduction, according to him.

Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. This is written by the guy who wrote Fight Club and Stranger Than Fiction. I've kind of just started it so I haven't reached the plot just yet. But it's about a sex addict who in order to support his mother, resorts to being a con man by going to restaurants and forcing himself to choke on his food, and have people save him. He keeps a list of those people and writes to them, sending them fake bills which he says he's unable to pay, and pitying him, they all write him back and send him money.

Okay. I just looked around for Choke in my room, and I can't find it. Okay, now I just looked in Ed's room and he has it. It's his and he's moving out tomorrow, so he's liberated it back...great. Gonna have to check it out from the library.
It's kinda sad that Ed's leaving...he's getting his stuff ready right now. Ayden and I are still fighting for his room. I've offered to pay $30 more and pay for his laundry, but...we'll see who wins.