Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just A Thought...

I just thought it's funny how my dad looks a little bit like Dilbert...
Will resort to calling him Dilbert from now on.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Ok, I just had my first halloween in Canada...must've been the poorest kid (candywise)!
But then again...I didn't go trick or treating and whatnot. Pfff...Trick or treating's for kiiiids XD I got candy from the laaand lady!

She: ''Hi. Help yourself..." (motions to large pile of candy on table)
Me: "Uh...OK?" (takes some candy and puts them in pocket)
She: "Let me just go get something from my office."
Me: "Oh, OK, sure." (waits until she's gone and with itching fingers, stuffs more candy in bulging pockets)

Hehehe yeah, I pretty much have candied fingers now. Let's see what I got on my desk...

1 weird eyeball that looks like a Jawbreaker
2 tiny M&M's packets
1 tiny Nestle Aero bar
1 tiny Twix bar
2 Starburst fruit chews
2 tiny Snickers bars
2 tiny Coffee Crisp bars
1 tiny Crispy Crunch bar
1 Twizzlers
1 puny box of Smarties
2 Reese's peanut butter cups
2 tiny packets of Skittles
1 puny packet of Rain-Blo bubblegum balls

Yeah, I know. Pretty sad. SHOULD'VE GOTTEN MORE!! But I guess I can still get phatty fat and grow lots of pimples!

Isn't that great? :D

Plan for next halloween: Hang out with the fat kids or ambush them while they're coming around the corner and then grab their beloved bags of candy ^^ about TRICK or treating...mwehehehe