Thursday, July 24, 2008


-We went to a jazz festival at Woodbine Park on Saturday. It's near the beaches. It was pretty chill. The younger bands were really good. We got baked in the sun (I even walked around shirtless for the first time), though later on it got cooler and it even rained when we took the street car home. That was a sweet day.

- Mich had to go buy a handbag for her flight home, so we went out and looked for one. We found one she loved at Eglinton Station so we came back for that one after looking around more. The Chinese lady in the shop was funny. She really wanted Mich to buy the bag. And because she had JanSport bags, and I like Mich's corduroy JanSport backpack so much, I decided to get myself one too, except it's not corduroy. It's black and still pretty sweet. I walk around with it everyday.

-Rock The Bells was amazing. The most tiring 10 hours ever, but definitely worth it. Method Man and Redman had the best performance. My top 5 performances were:

1. Method Man & Redman
2. The Pharcyde [tied with De La Soul]
3. Murs
4. Mos Def
5. Supernatural & Scratch

Mich bought me a Rock The Bells shirt which is sweet. We both shared 3 hot dogs that night haha. And we bought a lemonade with cherry (because Mich thought it was sherry), which we ended up throwing away because it was too intense and we felt a little sick. It was a 20 oz. drink! We also lined up to get me a wristband for being able to drink at the bar. And because Mich spotted him, we met Murs while he was walking around during The Pharcyde's set. He was really cool. I told him that I thought he had a tight set, and he said "Thanks, brother!" and something else I couldn't hear through the loud music, and he shook Mich's hand. Humble guy. I couldn't take photos because we left my camera at home, thinking that cameras weren't allowed! We were wrong. We actually left a lot of stuff at home, like food and drinks. The night before, we prepared all this pasta that we were gonna take with us! But before leaving in the morning, we looked at the rules of the festival, and it said that we couldn't bring outside drinks and food and a bunch of other stuff.
While Mich was in the bathroom at one point, this guy gave me a Toronto shirt because it didn't fit him. I only took it so I could give it to Mich. It's too big for her so I told her she can use it for sleeping or something. Hmm... what else... We danced/grinded to some songs, Mostly to Method Man & Redman. Later on I bought a Method Man & Redman shirt, because it was one of the new ones they put up at the merchandise stall, and looked sweet.
We left to take the TTC home early at 9:30 just before the last performance, so we missed A Tribe Called Quest's set. The reasons we left that early was because we were really tired and thought there'd be lots of people waiting for the bus, but we were wrong. We could have stayed for A Tribe Called Quest! But we got home late anyway, at 12:30. The next day, Tyler said he could have taken us home if we'd stayed for A Tribe Called Quest, because he was in Mississauga! But it doesn't matter.. we were too tired anyway... we even slept on the way home.

- Me and Mich have been renting movies to watch. We watched a Brazilian movie called The Man Who Copied. That was a really good movie. Really well-written. We also watched The Squid and the Whale. That was really interesting, mostly because of the characters and the things they said and did. Two words to sum that movie up: awkward moments.

- I buzz cut my hair at the mall 2 days ago. It was something I'd been contemplating doing for a while. I hadn't cut it that way since I met Mich 2 years ago. It was refreshing to do. I mostly did it because it's too hot to have long hair. And I knew that if I didn't cut it now, I wouldn't cut it for a long time. It even took me a while in the salon to decide if I should cut it or not. Mich said I should do whatever I want, and Nathan said I shouldn't cut it. When I did cut it, the women in the salon were surprisingly amazed. They said I looked more like a man XD and that it looked really good. I think they wanted me, strangely enough. Haha. One lady said that with long hair, I looked older. I asked her how old, and she said 28, and that with short hair, I looked 20. Mich was supposed to film it, but she only got like 1 second at the beginning and 1 second at the end!

- We made apple pie yesterday... Okay, Mich made apple pie (for the first time) yesterday. I helped her a little bit. That was yum. Definitely good for a first apple pie.

- Mich is gorgeous.

- Mich loves Sour Cream and Onion Lays chips.

- Mich is sleeping right now.

- We went on a dinner date last night at Pickle Barrel. We shared a crunchy spinach salad and a Seafood Linguine. That was an awesome dinner.

- We have plans to go watch the A Midsummer Night's Dream play (Mich calls it A Midsummer's Night Dream) at High Park at 8pm. We were supposed to go watch it 2 nights ago, but we didn't, so we planned to watch it last night, but we were late so we thought we'd go tonight instead.

- We need to clean my room today.