Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hole In The Earth

So uh...Ceri aka Maria...left today. We woke up at 10 and left the house at 10:45. We took a bus and a train then walked around looking for the Greyhound bus station, thinking we were going the right way until Ceri finally asked around! Hehe then we found it and she bought her ticket. Then we sat waiting for a little while in the station...Then she got on the bus at 12:15 to go to Niagara Falls to meet Lulu.

Damn. It was really great having her around and I still can't believe she came to visit...Crazy.

We'd spent the weekend roaming the mall, ice skating, taking pictures and filming, riding the train, cooking pasta, getting tipsy, banging my head on my cup and getting it on my hair and my desk, chatting with each other on MSN in the same room, waking up late, walking through snow and retreating back to the apartment because it was too cold, making plans and not doing them, laying in bed talking, putting my hair in ponytails, walking down about 8 blocks to school looking for a Chinese restaurant to celebrate the Chinese new year, retreating to school to stay warm, getting Chinese take-away, watching TV (bits of 10 Things I Hate About You and The Wedding Planner), having bathroom usage problems, sleeping late talking about random stuff with funny moments...

Well, yeah...And I found out I could not longer financially support myself last night. So...I had to lean on Ceri for a little bit hahaha but yeah, I should have ''sufficient funds'' (Ceri's words) soon enough. Been in a tight spot financially lately.

Damn. It's been a weird week(end) on so many levels...So many events and thoughts, issues and emotions baked into just a few days...With the outcome of what? Ehh...I'm not too sure...A weird state of mind? A state of mind that's all over the place...Scattered in every corner it could find. Feeding on anything...

Seriously, I hate thinking too much. I start thinking about my family...missing them more...my life in Moz...my friends...my girlfriend who I miss and need more than can be imagined...the next few months, my future...wondering when it'll be sunny and warm again...wondering when I'll stop thinking about so much crap...

ANYWAY, Ceri comes back on Friday...then goes back to Vancouver on Saturday.

What else...I got an invitation to jam with a band (and perhaps join them) probably sometime this weekend...

I have to audition actors, shoot and edit my final project by the end of this week...Hectic as hell. I hope it works out. It's due for screening on the 27th.

On a more personal note, I wanna thank God and all those who help and try to prevent me from sliding down the hole of depression that is threatening to swallow me and keep me bottled up...

Thursday, February 15, 2007


...Timeless moments make timeless memories...

Happy Valentine's Day, Mich.* Te amo.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Here's something real messed up...

"Most of the girls and women who have undergone genital mutilation live in 28 African countries, although some live in Asia and the Middle East. They are also increasingly found in Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA, primarily among immigrants from these countries.

Today, the number of girls and women who have been undergone female genital mutilation is estimated at between 100 and 140 million. It is estimated that each year, a further 2 million girls are at risk of undergoing FGM."


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Random Quotes

Random quotes of the day -

Guy 1: What time is it in the Philippines?
Guy 2: I don't know...They're like 13 hours ahead or something.
Guy 1: Australia's like 19 or 20 hours ahead or something.
Guy 3: Yeah, it's pretty crazy.
Guy 2: Yeah, they're like 2 months ahead of us.
Guy 3: Yeah, my girlfriend went there for some time, and so when she came back, it was like she time travelled.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Axe Man

Here, we have...

Rogerio Cassimiro aka Rojah, Samir, ATB ("Attention Tuberculosis") XD

(noun) - The best metal guitarist in Mozambique (and possibly the whole of Africa, if not the rest of the world) to play and jam with. This guy's got so much metal in him and lots of other goodies.

Man, I effin miss your "fudido" riffs and jamming with you...hangin' out and whatnot...

I could definitely say that my favorite guitarist in the whole world was in my band.

Timeless times.

'Nuff said.

Pics taken at RM Studio.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Little Pony

This is a video I found on youtube. It's pretty cool. I like the concept. It's a short film by Filip Engstrom. Dunno who that is, but I'm diggin this. ME LIKEY!

Joseph Hahn from Linkin Park is in this for a little bit actually. That was hilarious to watch. Classic moment.