Friday, April 27, 2007

A Maze

Just in that place you never want to go
I know
Stay clear, it's hard dear

What if it's a mirror?
And you're trapped on one side...

Real eyes.

Lost in that place
I'd pull you out...

To breathe again. See again.

We can...

Look into the mirror
Are you alone?

Where the real lies.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Part of my (SILLY) interview

So...I just thought I'd put this little thing together. I actually have to recapture this footage as it's very small to watch.
It's pretty dumb. It's supposed to be part of my autobiography about where I live, kind of like Cribs, but with interviews intercut with the Cribs footage I shot a while ago. Yeeaaah it's hard to explain. So yeah I watched my interview and thought that this wuz the silliest (not to mention BORING) interview ever. Tim actually helped me out. He asked me all these questions. Most of it doesn't even fit with the Cribs footage XD but here it is:

Friday, April 20, 2007


Dunno what to say. Hope you enjoy this and love the song. X*

Shooting Graff

AHHH...home sweet home! I've been at school and stayed at Tim's house the other night, editing his studio project and we finished only a few hours ago. It's good though. He's happy with it and I'm happy with it. Now we've got that out of the way and ready to be handed in tomorrow. That gives us more time for other projects!

Anyway, I finally got pictures from last weekend's graffiti movie shoot (April 14). I painted for about 9 hours from 11AM to 8PM. It was pretty cool, though I got all my hands [icky] and I tired my forefinger out and now it's got a big blister. I also accidentally sprayed orange paint (which looked more like red) straight in my right eye one time and I had to wash it out. I wuz alright though.
I "bombed" Kwoi's house. He's our studio projects teacher. Awesome guy. He helps us all out big time. He's probably everyone's favorite teacher too so far, after Sandra.

So, Nathan was the director, Stephane was the cinematographer, Filip was asissitant director I think (though he did some camerawork too and did a tiny tiny bit of canhandling trying to help me out when my finger wuz numb and cold. And he was also singing and rapping sometimes which wuz highly entertaining though Nathan wuzn't so pleased about it because I always had the urge to sing and rap with him XD), and obviously - me [SKEPTWO] wuz the artist.

The project is still being edited at the moment (at school by Nathan) as I type this, but I went on ahead yesterday and edited my own version just to show you what I did (which I'll upload soon).

For now, here are the pics we took. I haven't had time to tweak them and make them look cool and whatever XP but yeah.

The sketch. Every part has a song that goes with it in the movie. Paint dripped all over it.

Dubbed as "icky fingers" (Mich) or "sticky fingaz" (Filip)

The dog with his saxophone. Not really my favorite but the guys apparently love it.

Mr Sexy up to no good XD

This is love - Stephane and Nathan always teasing each other.

Trying to get a good angle.

Stephane - "Nathan's always with his hands in his pockets in these pictures."

Filip dubbed me as a "Nong Shim Dragon" [Nong Shim is a noodle brand XD]

My favorite part. These little guys were meant to be the characters from "Princess Mononoke". I haven't seen the movie so I drew them the way Nathan described them. I've only just found out what they actually look like in the movie and I prefer my version better XP

It all turned out better than I had expected. I hate brick walls though. They're paint suckers.

The production crew feeling accomplished with a sense of exhaustion.

Kwoi, me, Filip & Nathan outside feeling cold.

Yuuuup. It wuz definitely one fun awesome day for science XD

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shoppers eat chocolate billboard


"There was something for everyone from giant bunnies to hazelnut eggs."

I'd die just seeing that.


Saturday, April 07, 2007


Today, I dyed my hair black. "Bright Black" as it said on the box. And I think I made a mess in the bathroom during the process...

Good thing my roommates are out ^^

Anyway, the question remains: Will the blackness of my hair stand the test of time? =O

*Dun dun DUUUUN!*

Aaaaand...just so you know, the stupid weather decided to snow on us. It's cold once again. How glorious. But, I shall not let myself be put down by this ridiculousnessity! NO I WON'T!

So...I guess here's me being silly... XP

Monday, April 02, 2007

Family Values

I think I belong to the silliest family ever. That's probably cuz we're called the Celiz! Which should actually be pronounced 'sillies'...

Miss them. I miss how they can cheer me up when I'm down. I miss how I can mess with them and tease them. I miss my mom's food and how crazy she gets (dancing, singing, cuddling, pretending to be angry). I miss patting my dad's belly and having him take us to different places (the shooting range, restaurants, Jardim, friends' houses). He's the best to mess with. I miss my sister being hyper and laughing hysterically. And I miss my bro's sense of humor and how he can change his personality so damn fast ("HAHAHA!! HAHA..yeah OK, shat ap!").

Being all the way over here - far from "home" can suck so much sometimes. Which is why I have all these pics to look at to brighten me up, as you can see right here.. XD

Peace, not war! What a mommy. <3

Metalhead dad...listening to Maroon 5 haha

Carla in her Tweety boxers about to chow all those buns! Love this.

Martin showing us how bad his arthritis is getting, wearing the necklace I bought in 6th grade! Bandido.

Messing with dad XD


The family will be reunited soon - then we shall reign again, stronger than ever; bearing the Celiz coat of arms!

Hehe. I can't wait.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


I have decided to throw away all my baggy pants in exchange for fitted pants.

No more baggy pants!