Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Recommend

I just finished watching this and thought I'd recommend it to everyone. It's beyond great. I liked it instantly and not just because Zooey's in it. You should let me know what you think once you see it. This is definitely an immediate addition to my favorite movies.

And I guess since I recommended that, I should go ahead and recommend these too, since I've been indulging in movies that just came out on DVD. I won't say much about them. Just recommending.

Adventureland! I know it's directed by the guy who did Superbad, but it's nothing like Superbad. It's really laid-back and mellow actually. Good to watch on a lazy night. Great acting. You'd like it for what it is.

Yeah I'm a sucker for indie films. But good ones of course. Some of this takes place in Montreal, just so you Canadians know. This one goes from being fun to mellow. It's sweet though.
I just searched and found out the director directed American Beauty, Road to Perdition, and Jarhead. Crazy. I never would have guessed. This is so different from all those.

This whole movie takes place in Toronto. They don't say it, but I knew immediately from the first shot, somehow. It just reminded me of Toronto and then a few minutes into it, I saw the CN Tower and knew. This is a crazy compelling movie. Some parts felt awkward and loose, but the film was a great idea.

Goodbye Solo I mostly enjoyed because the main character's African and he has that cool African accent. You'll get what I'm talking about. It's such a good movie too. I wanna see more of the director's movies.

As for these two, they're really compelling documentaries. Waltz With Bashir is amazing. It's animated and in Hebrew. It's so great. Really visually stunning.
Trouble the Water is about Hurricane Katrina, from the perspective of these two victims who filmed what they went through during the flood. So, it really shows you how people suffered. It's really REAL and you'll wish you could have done something to help. Watch it now.


Stephanie said...

I've only seen the Adventureland. What was the first one? The picture isn't showing.

Stephanie said...

Yes, I loved 500 days of summer. Especially the music.

Nathan's hair is it's usual length. Why, what did he tell you? I just got him a job at the club!! We're going to be working together. P.S. he gave me your sweater.