Sunday, October 25, 2009


My album's pretty much shaping up! I've got 18 tracks listed so far, which consists of plain instrumentals and 4 skits. I showed half of the album to Michael and he loves it. Apparently he was listening to it in the bus on his way to school and he was nodding his head to the beats. I'm glad he likes it. He said it's underground. He's gonna be on at least 2 tracks. This is the album cover:

Anyway, now I'm in the process of starting to write lyrics. It'll take a while to completely finish writing every song. I'm guessing about 2 months or more. Def gonna take my time. I'm thinking of recording a demo track sometime soon just so I have something out. It's been so long. Michael recorded a track just the other day and it sounds so good, it made me want to come out with one too.
Here's the latest beat I made a few hours ago that I just added to my album: (press play)

Imaginations in Flight - Skeematic Spaz

The intro is a sample I took from one of my favorite movies, Waking Life. If you haven't seen it, do it!

Steph, I think you know where that picture's from!


Stephanie said...

OMG!I knew right away when I saw that picture. I think aboout that place all the time. That track sounds pretty awesome. Can't wait to hear something with your lyrics!

Tamara said...

Whoah, you're all professional..and shit!